Cannulas – Getting a grip on infection prevention

The DÜRR DENTAL range of suction cannulas and handpieces

The right cannulas enable you to effectively reduce germ-laden aerosols. The powerful range of cannulas from DÜRR DENTAL protects the entire practice team. All cannulas in the DÜRR DENTAL range share the same basic quality features: they are ergonomically designed and have no edges, making them extremely comfortable for both patients and therapists alike. At the same time, it provides the therapist with optimum grip. All cannulas deliver highly efficient suction performance to remove saliva, blood and micro-particles from the patient's mouth and are therefore well-suited to all types and areas of treatment.

Suction solutions from Dürr Dental are opening up new possibilities in dentistry

It might be routine procedure now, but back in the 1960s treating patients while they were lying down was quite a sensation. It was the systematic dental suction unit developed by DÜRR DENTAL that made this possible. A powerful suction unit is an indispensable piece of equipment for any dental practice, as it improves protection against infection by reliably aspirating spray mist before it is released into the room air. As the inventor and the first supplier of dental suction units, we utilise our expertise to constantly develop new solutions to improve working conditions for practice teams and to provide you with the best possible protection. We have developed a cannula portfolio that meets all the requirements of modern dentistry.

The perfect symbiosis of functionality and design

The DÜRR DENTAL cannula portfolio is one of a kind. With four different types of cannula available in different models and colours, there is always a suction cannula perfectly suited to the patient and application: the universal cannula for adults, the Petito universal cannula, the prophylaxis cannula and the surgical suction cannula. DÜRR DENTAL offers top quality cannulas and accessories for various application areas such as preserving, prosthetic, surgical, endodontic or prophylactic treatments.

These first-class suction solutions are complemented by the innovative Y-adapter and an extensive range of handpieces.

Safety for practice teams, patients and the environment

Suction cannulas

The best options: our range of cannulas

Suction cannulas

Universal cannula

Excellent comfort for dental professionals and patients
Suction cannulas

Prophylaxis cannula

Up to 2x more aerosol uptake
Suction cannulas

Surgical suction cannula

Reduces the risk of infection during surgical procedures

Basics: How cannulas protect

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