VistaSoft AI inclusive: Intelligent functions for quality and efficiency

VistaSoft AI inclusive

With the VistaSoft package you will gain access to powerful AI features that will not only make your day-to-day work in the practice noticeably more effective, but will also significantly increase the reliability of diagnostic work ahead of complicated procedures.

Automatic flipside exposure detection

VistaSoft AI automatically detects if the wrong side of the image plate has been exposed, and issues a corresponding warning for the user.


Automatic image rotation

The imaging software uses an algorithm based on artificial intelligence to check the orientation of intraoral X-ray images using anatomical features shown and corrects the rotation of the image automatically if needed. This will save you valuable time.
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Automatic tooth detection/image assignment

Using artificial intelligence, all displayed teeth are recognised directly after the exposure and stored in the dental chart.

Automatic image plate quality check

In conjunction with VistaScan IQ image plates, Vistasoft AI enables automated checking of the quality of image plates. Here, the AI-assisted system automatically checks every single X-ray image to see if the image quality is deteriorating. In the process, the system assesses the condition of the image plate and automatically recommends its replacement if necessary to ensure that image quality remains consistently high at all times.

AI nerve canal tracing

The AI-assisted mandibular canal detection system automatically calculates the position of the nerve canal in three-dimensional X-ray images. On this basis the diagnostician merely needs to check the proposed position.
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Clear pan (AI reconstructed panoramic view)

With 3D images, VistaSoft uses intelligent algorithms to adapt the calculated panoramic view for the anatomy of the patient. This displays a significantly improved OPG image, which shows the anatomy of the patient much more clearly.
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VistaSoft Trace: intelligent cephalometric analysis software

Thanks to innovative and extensive artificial intelligence, cephalometric analyses can be carried out within a few seconds with VistaSoft Trace. This user-friendly software add-on identifies reference points and soft tissue silhouettes automatically and plots them on the X-ray image. VistaSoft Trace also enables the images from the various stages of treatment to be overlaid for tracking and monitoring from start to finish. The software also supports the simulation and display of treatments based on planning data, so that the potential success of a course of treatment can be illustrated even before work gets under way.
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