Components for system integration

Everything from a single source

For the industrial sector, DÜRR DENTAL offers an entire dental unit portfolio to meet the requirements of system integration. The components are integrated ex-works in the treatment units of leading manufacturers and ensure efficient and trouble-free operation.

Rinsing unit II

The task of the rinsing unit is to provide a constant supply of water (0.1 – 0.2 l/min) to the suction system during the suction process via the hose manifold or separation unit. This prevents coagulation of blood and the formation of difficult-to-dissolve deposits in the suction system, even during longer treatments. The system remains clean and functions reliably. A rinsing unit is is needed in particular on treatment units where surgical procedures are carried out or prophylaxis treatments are performed.

Spittoon valve

The spittoon valve is the most important accessory in the wet suction system. It controls how the waste water from the spittoon is fed into the suction system. Installing a spittoon valve prevents loss of suction and annoying noises and smells that could otherwise come from the suction system.

Place selection valve

The place selection valve regulates the air flow between the suction unit and the treatment unit. It ensures that vacuum is only applied when it is required, thereby avoiding unnecessary and annoying noises.

Auxiliary air nozzle

The auxiliary air nozzle provides a constant flow of air to ensure optimised fluid transport on the vacuum lines when the cannula is inactive.