Adaptation to your needs

Scalability with the products from DÜRR DENTAL

A single solution with plenty of options for expansion!

Products from DÜRR DENTAL will make it easier for you to manage changes in your dental surgery. Thanks to the scalability of our devices, our systems can grow together with your surgery – with no need to replace your existing equipment. This not only ensures the longevity of your products, but it also means that your surgery is ready for whatever may come in the future. By using the Tyscor and Silver Airline products, you can expand your dental surgery to any size and adapt it to your needs.

Tyscor suction units

The electronic controller of the Tyscor suction units offers exceptional scalability. Starting with one therapist (Tyscor V/VS 1 Plus), upgradable via licence key to two therapists (Tyscor V/VS 2). If demand grows, it is possible to operate two Tyscor V/VS 2 units on a single suction line for use by up to four therapists simultaneously. Tyscor VS 4 and VS 2 Plus offer full performance for four therapists with two suction stages. When operated in tandem, they can deliver reliable suction power to up to eight therapists – and it is even possible to combine three Tyscor VS4 units to deliver full power to twelve therapists. As well as increasing the number of therapists, with Tyscor you can also make the switch from a dry to a wet suction system – without replacing your existing equipment.

Software upgrade

Silver Airline compressors

In the Tandem variant, Silver Airline compressors offer exceptionally high operational reliability and are the perfect future-proof solution. With the possibility of modular upgrades, this is a flexible solution with plenty of options for “more”. If you wish to expand your surgery, adding a unit will double your performance reserves. In addition, an intelligent controller permits parallel operation of two Tandem compressors on a single compressed air line, which again expands your performance reserves. Taken together, these options will allow you to react flexibly to any increase in demand for compressed air in your surgery in the future.