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Experience Dürr Dental live, listen to fascinating talks and enjoy a chat with industry experts over a delicious cocktail. There’ll even be a huge scratch card competition with fantastic prizes to be won right there and then.

The highlights: expert talks and live demonstrations

  • Vector® Paro with linear vibration deflection system for exceptionally gentle periodontal treatment
  • Lunos® premium prophylaxis system with new Perio nozzle for subgingival use
  • VistaCam iX HD intraoral camera with interchangeable head system, autofocus and genuine HD image quality

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Saturday 16 March 2019
10.00 A.M. Live demonstration + hands on testing
10.45 A.M. Lecture (German language)
Dr. Kleanthis Manolakis
Modern Clinical Prevention Concepts – A Treatment For The Senses
11.30 A.M. Cocktail show
11.45 A.M. Live demonstration + hands on testing
12.30–13.00 P.M. Break
13.00 P.M. Lecture (English language)
Marta Moch
Successful supportive periodontal treatment
13.45 P.M. Cocktail show
14.00 P.M. Live demonstration + hands on testing
15.00 P.M. Lecture (English language)
Dr. Kleanthis Manolakis
Modern Clinical Prevention Concepts – A Treatment For The Senses
15.45 P.M. Cocktail show


Prof. Dr. Svetlana Anatolyevna Urzova

Head of the dentistry department at the LDCC Kutuzovsky clinic, Professor Svetlana Anatolyevna Urzova is a top doctor of medical sciences and a dentist. Her expertise lies in endodontics and periodontology, both fields in which she boasts extensive expertise. This has made her a figure who is highly sought after at conferences about both endodontics and periodontology.

Dr. Bruno Gauthier

Dr. Bruno Gauthier possesses a wealth of expertise in dental surgery and prosthetics. He is responsible for opening the Alliance Française Clinic, one of the leading healthcare facilities of its kind in Moscow. He has also developed minimally invasive surgical procedures using extra-short implants. For a number of years now, his work has focused on combining predictive diagnostics and targeted therapy with the aim of forging a new approach to personalised oral healthcare. Dr. Gauthier works at private practices in the Swiss cities of Geneva and Lausanne. In 2018 he became a co-founder of the OralNext Association.

Dr. Kleanthis Manolakis

Dr. Kleanthis Manolakis completed training in fixed prosthodontics and dental implantology in the prosthetics and oral surgery departments at the Center of Dental Medicine, part of the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Since 1995, he has been working at a private practice for aesthetic dentistry and oral implants in Thessaloniki, Greece. He is a founding member – and, since 2012, the treasurer – of the Hellenic Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and the chairperson representing Greece at the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry. As head of the international training programme he also gives lectures.

Dr. Johannes-S. Wenzler

Johannes-Simon Wenzler holds a doctorate in dentistry. Specialising in restorative dentistry, he works as a researcher at the University Hospital of Marburg’s Centre for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine. He has participated in research projects including one focusing on energy-transmitting applications in dentistry, conducted by the German research company TransMIT. As the author of numerous specialist articles, he is also a highly sought after speaker at events on the subject of dental care.

Marta Moch

Following her studies in biology, Marta Moch gained extensive experience in the field of dentistry. As a dental hygienist she has written numerous specialist articles. She is an experienced expert in preventing cross-infections in dental practices, conducting training in this area and giving presentations on Vector® and Lunos® devices from Dürr Dental. As well as this, she is a speaker at dentistry trade fairs and conferences.

Vesna Braun

An experienced trainer and practising dental hygienist, Vesna Braun is aware of not only the challenges faced in applying prophylaxis treatments on a practical level, but also the factors that contribute to increases in sales. She has experienced these at close hand and is able to explain them using numerous practical examples.

Margit Zweigle

With over 25 years of experience in dental practice, of which she was working as a prophylaxis assistant for 11 years, Margit Zweigle is an expert in the area of professional dental cleaning and supportive periodontal therapy. For over 2 years she has been training surgery teams in the correct and efficient use of Vector® and MyLunos.