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A New Standard in Surgery Supply:
Generation Tyscor

For decades, robust suction units from Dürr Dental have been synonymous with reliability and longevity. Thanks to innovative technology, the latest generation of these systems is also extremely thrifty and boasts excellent performance characteristics. The systems presented at the 36th IDS in Cologne are ultra-compact and exceptionally quiet. They are governed with ease by Tyscor Pulse intelligent control software, which has raised standards at networked surgeries. 

The new Tyscor VS 2 suction units for the first time make use of extremely robust and powerful radial technology, which is already well established in industrial applications. Its high reliability and significantly smaller footprint than conventional side channel blowers set it apart. A generating set for two treatment stations is thus much more compact and weighs less than half of a comparable predecessor system. Yet it combines all necessary modules – suction motor, electronic control and separating functionality. At just 25 pounds and the size of a conventional microwave oven, Generation Tyscor is very compact. This super compact construction also cuts a dashing figure. Thanks to a design that blends functionality, comfort and appearance, it was awarded the renowned iF design award 2015.

The Tyscor VS 2 is also highly efficient. At the same performance, the systems make do with significantly less energy than their predecessors – the Tyscor VS 2 has been proven to use only about half as much electricity. Even at full capacity, a system for two treatment stations does not even draw 700 watts (measurements registered by the Fraunhofer Institute). Load-dependent automatic control also contributes to this extraordinarily economical operation. It keeps suction performance at optimum level, so systems always run in the most energy efficient mode.

Tyscor Pulse software displays all relevant status data and service intervals of the suction unit on a monitor, providing a complete overview at all times. Regular sight checks are thus unnecessary. If needed, the software even supports remote diagnosis by a service technician who can log directly into the system. This reduces the risk of downtimes to a minimum. Suction performance and run-down time can be adjusted via the surgery network from a PC.

With its superb performance and the consumption values of radial-technology systems, the Tyscor VS 2 raises the bar for suction units. With Tyscor, market leader Dürr Dental bolsters its reputation as an innovative enterprise and proves yet again that the technology of even sophisticated products can still be further developed. 

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Tyscor VS 2

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