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Digital impression system: VistaImpress from Dürr Dental delivers precise digital impressions in a fast, ergonomically designed system

Impressions for applications such as crowns, bridges, inlays or trays are a key part of day-to-day work in a dental practice. Dürr Dental, a specialist in dental imaging and dental practice equipment, and GC International with its large competence in the field of dental materials and CAD/CAM solutions have formed a strategic alliance with the aim of completely opening up the world of digital impressions to a wide circle of dentists through the open VistaImpress system.

An innovative, forward-looking new development will be launched soon under the brand name VistaImpress. The VistaImpress Easy intraoral scanner sits perfectly in the digital workflow and forms a seamless bridge from patient management in dental practice administration to the wide range of available CAD/CAM services. It saves valuable working time and helps the practice make the process of generating an impression a comfortable experience for the patient. Practices benefit from the digital process including the downstream CAD/CAM work, while retaining full control over the data.

Conventional impression techniques are a thing of the past

Effective use of time is becoming ever more important in dental practices. With VistaImpress Easy, not only is there no need to mix the impression material or use an impression tray and wait for the mixture to set – there is also no need to send out a physical impression in the conventional manner. With VistaSoft Cloud, the virtual 3D data can be exchanged extremely quickly between the practice and the laboratory. With the 3D scan, the therapist immediately has a digital model to hand that fits perfectly. Here, the powder-free technology ensures that the scanning process can start without any delay. Thanks to the automatic detection of soft tissue, therapists and patients both benefit from fast scanning performance and advantages in the detection of the preparation limits.

Ideal for sustainability and patient comfort

In addition, the system offers a wide range of other advantages, including colour scans, autoclavable scanning sleeves and the flexibility to produce impressions for anything from a single tooth to a whole jaw. But this new development not only meets the requirements of modern therapists – VistaImpress Easy is also exceptionally small and ideally shaped from an ergonomical point of view. As a result, the scanning process is particularly pleasant for the patient. Thanks to the VistaSoft image processing software, the intraoral scanner can be perfectly integrated in the digital workflow of any dental practice. The open interface, which is free to use, allows data to be freely exported to CAD/CAM service providers, 3D printers or milling machines – whether in your own practice or in a laboratory.

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