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D'life customer magazine wins award

Dürr Dental awarded with health communication prize

The eighth annual Health Media Award ceremony was held in Bonn, Germany, on the 12th of June this year. The award for health communication is given in 20 traditional categories and three special categories. Winners of the prestigious Health Media Award this year included not only Opel AG/Garmin but also Dürr Dental AG's customer magazine, D'life. The award is given in recognition not only of the content and the presentation of a specialist medium, but also for high standards of quality in the communication of health issues.

"It's an honour to receive this award, which shows that our idea of combining detailed specialist reports with informative articles on current lifestyle topics in one magazine is a good one," says Mike Layer, Head of Central Marketing at Dürr Dental. "It demonstrates that the concept of D'life gets through to people – with people being the focal point of our customer magazine. We write about issues in dentistry that are of great interest to dentists and dental practitioners, and that have an impact on their everyday lives. But we also want to reflect the outlook on life of the people who work in this industry – and we have clearly succeeded in doing that." In addition to exploring lifestyle topics like art, fashion and culture, D'life also examines current issues in dentistry and provides an insight into Dürr Dental's corporate culture. The international ePaper edition of the magazine, which is written in English, is published several times throughout the year and can be found online at

The prize was awarded by colleagues from the sector and Helmut B. Engels DMD, a practising dentist and head of the judging panel. "The Health Media Award aims to recognise the good, motivate the best and allow the stars to shine," said Dr. Engels in his opening speech. The members of the judging panel, who decide who will receive the award, are all healthcare specialists and communications experts. The Health Media Award is a healthcare competition in which the judges meet in open session to ensure complete transparency.

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Health Media Award

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