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DÜRR DENTAL AG awarded prestigious design award.

Dürr Dental AG has recently received three Good Design Awards from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. These awards recognise medical products with impressive technical and visual design. 

Martin Dürrstein, CEO at Dürr Dental AG, explains the company's success at the Good Design Awards: “The products identified (Hygopac Plus, VistaScan Mini View/VistaScan Combi View and the Tornado compressor) really are exceptionally well-designed, beautifully sculpted products which never lose sight of the practical and professional demands of the end-user.“

Founded in Chicago in 1950, the Good Design Awards are the world's oldest and most respected accolade for design excellence. In 2013, the Chicago Athenaeum Museum received a remarkable several thousand entries from leading manufacturers and design agencies in some 50 countries. Shortlisted from these entries were 700 exceptional products from 38 different countries.

“Our high-grade products and their innovative technology receive universal recognition and widespread acclaim among dental experts. Our employees, many of them engineers and technicians, have exceptional capability in the field of medical technology. This also applies to our established, extensive design expertise,“ states Dürrstein.

Hygopac Plus
Hygopac Plus was the first product to receive the 2013 Good Design Award. Dental instruments need to be sterilised each time they are used since they penetrate or come into contact with patients' skin or mucous membranes. Packaging sterilised instruments requires utmost care and the process can give rise to many errors. The display on the Hygopac Plus unit guides users through the entire validation process. The seal temperature, contact pressure and sealing rate can be easily tracked and all are recorded, verified and saved on a SD card or in the practice network. The data can thus be readily used to document the preparation process in a dental practice's quality management system.

VistaScan Mini View and VistaScan Combi View
These two image plate scanners contain the latest digital technology for oral cavity x-rays. Both systems feature an extremely user-friendly touch display and LAN or WLAN to transmit the x-ray results onto the screen. They also deliver effective, time-saving digitisation of image plates. Installed on a worktop or wall, these units deliver optimum quality. Their user-friendly operation and beautifully shaped form were two of the reasons why they were chosen for a 2013 Good Design Award.

Housed in an aerodynamic, sound-absorbing casing, the new Tornado compressor with sound insulation is one of the quietest of its type. It supplies dry, oil-free, hygienic air for dental treatment and is a cost-efficient solution for dental practices thanks to its reduced energy consumption. The aesthetics of this product as well as its functionality were both sited as reasons why it was granted a 2013 Good Design Award. 

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