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Dürr Dental brings a new era of steam steriliser technology to the dental surgery - the Hygoclave 90 with DuraSteam technology

Dürr System Hygiene products such as Orotol, the gold standard for suction systems, are highly valued for cleaning and disinfecting hands, surfaces, instruments and special areas. The company develops and manufactures these products along with dental compressors in-house, and has stood for cutting edge technology in the design and production of medical devices for over 75 years. The new Hygoclave 90 steam steriliser from Dürr Dental, with DuraSteam technology, completes the hygiene range for dental instruments.

Once they have been used, dental instruments pass through an entire chain of hygiene measures to reprocess them for the next treatment. As the first step, they are often manually cleaned in an immersion bath and disinfected (e.g. instrument disinfection ID 213, drill disinfection ID 220). Alternatively, a high-performance ultrasonic system can also be used (Hygosonic). The use of a rotary sealing device has become established for fast and standards-compliant sterile packaging of instruments (Hygopac Plus). A practical labelling system (Hygoprint) can provide fast and simple documentation of the sterilisation process in next to no time. The Hygoclave 90 steriliser now completes the hygiene range. The surgery team can now complete the entire disinfection cycle for dental instruments by using the conveniently coordinated products in the Dürr System Hygiene range.

An added advantage of using the Hygoclave 90 is the clever components that make up the so-called DuraSteam technology system. Whereas many commercially available devices employ a mix of different materials, including valves made of alloys containing copper, zinc and nickel ("red brass" or "yellow brass"), a stainless steel tank and trays made of aluminium, it is best for steam sterilisation if all of the relevant components are made of V4A stainless steel. For example, this is often required for reprocessing in large hospitals and particularly in the field of pharmaceuticals in order to prevent the transfer of material components and to offer optimum protection for the instruments. With the Hygoclave 90, Dürr Dental brings this cutting-edge technology to the dental surgery.

A further major advantage of the new technology is the thermal and maintenance concept it offers, based on a heat pipe with directly welded attachments. The heat pipe method is used, among other things, for the cooling of sensitive electronics. On the Hygoclave 90, this approach ensures that the necessary level of heating is provided thanks to efficient heat transport. Here, the steam generator in the lower part of the device generates the steam for the sterilisation process and simultaneously heats the sterilisation chamber and welded components that are above it.

The research and development department has based the design of the new steriliser on a highly technology-oriented concept that delivers both reliability and a long service life, as well as being user-friendly for the dental team.

The Hygoclave 90 knows how to impress, both in terms of how it is operated from the outside and in terms of its workings on the inside. Among other things, it offers an innovative and simple batch release and reporting process. In addition, the steriliser can be loaded with three containers (65 mm), thus offering space for a load of up to 10 kg.

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Hygoclave 90 with DuraSteam technology

Hygoclave 90 with DuraSteam technology

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