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Dürr Dental Hygowater® – a unique system for excellent drinking water quality for treatment units

Dental treatment units offer ideal living conditions under which biofilm can form and microorganisms like pseudomonas, klebsiella, legionella, giardia and cryptosporidium can flourish. These microorganisms can make their way via the cooling water, the mouth rinsing water and the aerosols into the mouth of the patient and can thus pose a health risk. Aerosols carrying germs endanger both the therapist and the entire practice team. As a result, the topic of water hygiene is becoming ever more important for dental treatment units. The ever stricter legal requirements and DIN standards underline this development. Hygowater® from Dürr Dental is now available to support practice operators. Thanks to the unique Hygowater® technology, it ensures that the service water used in your dental practice always meets the requirements for drinking water quality.

According to the notification on "Infection Prevention in Dentistry / Hygiene Requirements" from the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO) at the Robert Koch Institute, only service water that meets drinking water requirements is permitted to be fed into treatment units. Even when the requirements set out in this standard are met, the water-carrying systems in treatment units are still frequently home to various microorganisms. These colonise and multiply to form a biofilm, which adheres to the inner walls of water-carrying systems. In addition, KRINKO also recommends keeping the maximum bacterial concentration to below 100 colony-forming units per millilitre of water (100 CFU/ml).

This means that practice operators must put in place suitable, validated methods to ensure that microorganisms are reduced to a minimum (<100 CFU/ml) and that biofilm is permanently removed from hoses and pipes.

With Hygowater®, hygiene expert Dürr Dental now offers a system that promises practice operators safety and reliability in terms of service water processing. It fulfils all the legal requirements for water hygiene, and as well as satisfying the requirements for minimising pollutants in drinking water in accordance with the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV), it also meets the requirements for a Class I medical device and for being included in the so-called "Article 95 list" of the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). The obligatory category 5 freefall distance in accordance with DIN EN 1717:2011-08 and DIN EN 1988-100 is guaranteed to the practice operator via the W 540 certificate from DVGW, the German standardization body for the gas and water industry.

Hygowater® is extremely easy to operate and ensures an optimised disinfection effect thanks to a unique combination of filtration and electrolysis, as well as preventing renewed biofilm formation and thus minimising infection risk for patients and therapists. Long-term drinking water quality is ensured without the handling of any chemical additives.

Dürr Dental Hygowater® – a unique system for excellent drinking water quality for treatment units

Dürr Dental Hygowater® – a unique system for excellent drinking water quality for treatment units

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