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New enzymatic cleaner ID 215 with disinfecting power for effective instrument reprocessing

Since the Commission for Hospital and Infection Hygiene (KRINKO) and the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) tightened up their ‘Requirements for hygiene in the reprocessing of medical devices’, instrument reprocessing has played an even more important role as part of seamless hygiene management. The aim is not only residue-free cleaning of instruments as a prerequisite for effective disinfection and sterilisation, but also the protection of operators against germs that cause diseases. In the binding guidelines, the use of enzymatic cleaners for the reprocessing of general and surgical instruments is expressly recommended in order to break down contamination and reliably remove it from the surface area into suspension in the cleaning liquid. The new enzymatic instrument cleaner ID 215 from the Dürr System Hygiene range has been specially designed for these stringent requirements. The concentrate not only offers excellent cleaning power and high levels of material compatibility, which is particularly important for instruments with rubber and silicone components, it also offers enhanced safety thanks to its additional disinfecting power. ID 215 has been tested in accordance with the relevant EU standards and has been proven to have bactericidal, yeasticidal and limited virucidal properties against enveloped viruses including HBV, HCV and HIV. In this way, it reliably protects operators against dangerous germs and is just as well suited to manual, enzymatic cleaning of the instruments, as it is to applications in ultrasonic devices.

Published by: ng/eh
Enzymatic cleaner ID 215 with disinfecting power

Enzymatic cleaner ID 215 with disinfecting power

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