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Fashion label Ivanman - Color blocking in men's fashion

Ivan Mandzukic, born in Serbia, founded the Berlin fashion label Ivanman in 2010. In his new collection, which was shown at the start of the year at Berlin Fashion Week, the charming designer focused on daring color combinations.

D’life: How do you feel now, immediately after the show?

I am relieved now, but the time leading up to it was simply too exciting to relax right away. Once a new collection has been presented, I always feel a bit empty. That lasts a few days, and then I'm alright again.

In contrast to the monotony of gray-blue-black on Berlin's streets, you are showcasing a look for men who are daring enough to wear color. For all those who were not able to see your show today: what will the urban man be wearing next winter?

I would hope that men would combine their “look” with a few color accents. I am afraid, though, that at the end of the day, many men will decide to wear black again. The dominant colors in my new collection are orange, mauve and green. The collection as it has just been shown here, however, will be adapted and made a bit more “commercial" for sales purposes. I think German men don't trust themselves enough to wear color. My collection is intended to be an incentive for more color in a man's world.

How do you get your ideas for your unusual collections?

This time, the collection was oriented around Goethe's Theory of Colors. I was given a book on the subject, which gave me the initial inspiration. But usually I don't place such great weight on inspiration it limits me. I am very spontaneous, and my collections are very often created in a “moment”. If I see a silhouette, for instance, or a skewed collar, that can also be an inspiration for me.

I noticed something again today: models never laugh and never show their teeth. Why?

I think it's a question of aesthetics. You're supposed to concentrate on the clothes and not be distracted from them. I think the fact that models don't laugh has to do with style, with a clear line. The concentration is on what is actually on display and what should be the central focus.

And my fashion is not the kind to make you say, "I'm going to have a laugh!" There are certain fashion labels whose models run onto the catwalk and laugh – there it fits to a T. It's not like that with me; there is a certain seriousness about me.

Are there particular characteristics which are typical of » Ivanman, or do you not want any repetitions?

There are some repetitions, or particular aspects, in my collections which I use over and over again. When I am finished with a collection, I always think that is too conservative, to conventional, too boring... For me, it has to be a combination of classic wear and sportswear; I find that to be a good combination. To avoid getting too heavy on the sports side, I like to use just a few sporty accents.

Thank you for taking so much time, and all the best for your new ideas – very impressive!

Published by: rf/tk 04/16
Designer Ivan Mandzukic in classic black (center), with his models wearing color

Designer Ivan Mandzukic in classic black (center), with his models wearing color

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