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First To Strike Gold Orotol’s anniversary competition crowns its first winner

More chances to win throughout 2015

This year Dürr Dental is celebrating 50 years since Orotol was launched. Since 1965, no suction unit is complete without Orotol, the market-leading suction unit disinfectant. The disinfectant combines a foam-free liquid with an efficient action (remove comma) that has a high level of material compatibility, helping the suction unit to maintain its value for longer. The formulation has bactericidal, fungicidal and limited virucidal properties, which make it effective even against non-enveloped viruses such as adenovirus or norovirus. Furthermore, it not only eliminates tuberculosis pathogens but is also effective against the hepatitis C virus.

Dürr Dental will be giving away three 20-gram gold ingots in 2015 to mark the 50th anniversary of Orotol. Thousands of delegates at the IDS Show applied for the draw, as well as numerous on-line applications. Dürr Dental has now announced its first lucky winner - Ms A. Kutzer from the Dr. Nigg practice in Dornbirn, Austria. Ms Kutzer was chosen from thousands of applications from all over the world as part of a special IDS raffle and is now the proud owner of a 20 g gold ingot. Günter Schernthaner, managing director of Dürr Dental Austria GmbH, handed the winner the gold prize himself at the practice. Kutzer commented, “I thought it’s free to take part and since I've never won anything, I thought, why not? Nobody was more surprised than me to find out I’d won! What a great Easter gift”.

Dental health professionals over 18 years of age can still win a gold ingot. In total, Dürr Dental is giving away three 20 g gold prizes throughout the year. You can apply at

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from left to right Dr. Marcel Nigg, Andrea Kutzer, Günther Schernthaner

from left to right Dr. Marcel Nigg, Andrea Kutzer, Günther Schernthaner

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