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Focus on digitization in the practice

IDS Fair breaks all records – Dürr Dental showcases five new products. The International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne is the most important trade fair in the world for dental medicine and dental technology. That makes it a central forum for contacts between companies and customers and a perfect platform for showcasing new products, technologies and services to the public. Companies exhibiting at the IDS must be one thing above all: innovative. Because you will only stay in the loop if you can attract the attention of the visitors among the masses of exhibitors.

From a professional point of view, digital dental medicine was the main focus of the event. This ranged from outstanding products such as the first 3D printer for producing dental prostheses to further developments in CAD/CAM. A key trend was networking different technologies. Topics such as "Industry 4.0" or "the Internet of things" were under constant discussion, among both exhibitors and visitors. The way in which continued networking of practice technology is going far beyond the ordinary computer network, and can be of great benefit for dental practitioners, could be observed in many innovations at the fair. For example, automated monitoring and control of basic systems such as compressors and suction equipment is delivering concrete benefits. "In principle, the whole prosthetic workflow can be completely digitised and therefore optimized, to the highest level – from making digital impressions to finished crown", says Martin Dürrstein, CEO at Dürr Dental. "Of course, related diagnostic systems can also be integrated into the network. I am sure that Praxis 4.0 holds many opportunities," says Dürrstein. "The bottom line is that the large number of new options increases security against breakdown and helps dentists to work more efficiently and confidently. In this way, practice work can be made less stressful, and its costs can be lowered. Ultimately, the patients also benefit when the team can deal more easily with diagnosis and treatment, and the time they take is therefore automatically reduced.“

Dr. Martin Rickert, chairman of the » German Dental Industry Association (VDDI), was also impressed by the IDS. "The impact of digital dental technologies on the everyday work of the team is evident," he says. "X-ray images, intra-oral impressions without mold-making material, scans of dental-technology models, CAD/CAM, and now, increasingly, com3D printing, will all interact, giving the dentist additional options to make their treatment safer, faster, and also economically more attractive. Development is proceeding at such a breakneck speed that the two-year cycle of the IDS is absolutely the right one."

Five at one go

The importance of a trade fair for professional groups, however, is reflected not only in innovations, but also in the number of exhibitors and visitors. 2,200 companies from all over the world were represented at the IDS this year, the share of internatioal exhibitors rose to 70%, and some 138,000 visitors flocked to Cologne. Dürr Dental showed no less than five new products to the trade visitors: the new VistaSoft imaging software, the » VistaCam iX HD multi-head camera system, the » VistaPano S Ceph with remote x-ray module, the » Tyscor VS 2 suction system, and a new service app for technicians.

Planning a trade fair to reflect visitors' needs

Long before the fair, however, Dürr Dental had been thinking not just about new products, but also about an attractive stand design, the deployment of the international stand team, the type of product presentations and, above all, about the needs of the visitors. Long-term planning also incorporated results from a survey by the Fraunhofer Institute, which indicated which reasons are most important for visiting a trade fair, the criteria by which customers select a fair to begin with, and what expectations they have. The result: over half of all answers put target-group affiliation, the importance of the fair for a specialist profession, and the location and attractiveness of the fair itself at the top of the list.

Most respondents listed the need for information as their reason for visiting the fair. 70% of those surveyed were aiming to receive ongoing market information, one in two expected well-qualified discussions, and about one half of those taking part in the survey said trade fairs provided an excellent framework for sharing ideas and experience. Moreover, according to the Fraunhofer Institute, many visitors obtain inspiration for new markets and suggestions for new products and services from the event. Decision-makers use this knowledge to make preliminary decisions, for example on whether to purchase a new item of equipment. All in all, 80% of those taking part in the survey confirmed the high practical utility of trade fairs, for both company representatives and visitors, and value the market transparency promoted by these events.

Good response to new developments

The tenth of March finally arrived: the thirty-sixth International Dental Show opened its doors for five days, and the Dürr Dental stand immediately attracted a crowd of people. Among the new products showcased by the company at the fair this year were the » new VistaSoft imaging software, which is an efficient solution for taking, presenting and editing digital images. "Trade visitors particularly praised its simple and rapid workflow. Its intuitive manner of operation, the easily understood software, and the well thought-out, ergonomic design also went over very well," says Tim Bohmüller, Product Manager for Diagnostic Systems, who was present at the Dürr Dental stand. "Our aim in developing this product was to assist dentists in their diagnosis and to optimize practice workflows appreciably," he explains. "That we succeeded in doing so can be seen from the positive response of visitors to the fair, who also immediately noticed the numerous editing options and filter functions."

A real "eye-catcher"

Frank Kiesele, head of product management for diagnostic systems, describes an additional highlight: the VistaCam iX HD multi-head camera system. "The outstanding HD image resolution of our new intraoral camera greatly impressed the visitors at our stand, as did the autofocus for macro, intraoral and extraoral shots," says Kiesele. "People also praised the new, slim and ergonomic design." The VistaCam iX HD is, in reality a real "eye-catcher". "The auto-focus means that the interchangeable cam-head can cover the whole spectrum," he explains. "The interchangeable proof head makes caries and plaque on occlusal and smooth surfaces visible, while the interchangeable proxi-head assists in the diagnosis of approximal caries without x-ray radiation."

More efficient diagnostic systems

A further addition to the range of digital products came in the form of an expanded » VistaPano S, which includes an efficient remote x-ray module. "The VistaPano S Ceph has impressed trade visitors particularly with the high speed of its image capture, combined with outstanding picture quality, through which diagnostics are decisively improved in the practice," says Kiesele. "Our S Pan technology 'shows up well', because it provides particularly detailed images. The image sections are selected from a large number of parallel layers which correspond best to the actual anatomy. Repeat shots are no longer needed, since the S-Pan technology compensates for erroneous positioning within reasonable limits," adds Kiesele.

Energy-saving suction technology

And Dürr Dental has something to offer when it comes to suction technology, too. The focus was on the Tyscor suction system. Thanks to its innovative technology, it works particularly economically. "Though they have the same output, the new systems demonstrably need only about half as much electricity as their predecessors," explains Volker Walz, Head of Product Management for Practice Supplies. "But it not only saves half the energy, as measured by the Fraunhofer Institute. At 58 dB (A), it is also quieter, and that is a major advantage, especially for installation on the practice floor." Volker Walz continues: "Using two Tyscor VS 2 systems, up to four dental staff can work in tandem at the same time, and can do so with a high level of system stability thanks to the redundant system. Facilities to network using » Tyscor Pulse software also open up new possibilities when it comes to maintenance, remote diagnosis and parameter-setting."

Mobile product information

Last but not least, Dürr Dental also showcased its new service app. First and foremost, it allows the specialist shop’s service technicians to call up the most important product information easily by smartphone or tablet. It’s the same regardless of whether you want to get product information, call up spare-part lists, look at usage or maintenance instructions, view repair videos, get technical recommendations, or have a new item of equipment registered. A search for particular products is simple and efficient using the app. Users scan the identification plate, which can be seen on the product, and an intelligent search function does all the rest. The app shows each hit with product picture, product number and name. The user can also obtain the information they want by entering the product and serial number or product name manually.

An excellent IDS ended after five days. "We have succeeded in making the IDS more attractive both nationally and internationally," Dr. Martin Rickert sums up. "This could be seen in the high quality of business contacts between industry, the retail trade, dentists and dental technicians, and in the orders placed at the fair. These have also increased again, and we expect sustained incentives for post-fair business" – an opinion which Dürr Dental shares.

Published by: rf/tk 04/16
Focus on digitization in the practice

Focus on digitization in the practice