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Vegan Fast Food. Atilla Hildmann is seen as the pioneer of lifestyle veganism. He wants to make the world a more healthy place. Shocked by the death of his father from a heart attack, Attila Hildmann realised that he was himself obese and developed an interest in healthy eating. Adopting a vegan lifestyle he lost over 30 kg. Having lived as a vegan for the last 15 years, he has now attracted a mass following as Germany's top vegan chef. He is passionate about developing quick-to-prepare and natural vegan meals to go and is happy to share his interest with D'life.

D’life: You have given considerable thought to the health-related aspects of a vegan lifestyle. Is your new book "Vegan To Go" the answer to your jet-set lifestyle? Are "to go" and "mindful eating" not mutually exclusive?

The issue "vegan-to-go" is much more than just quick, simple eating without meat. Hundreds of thousands of people become ill every year by stuffing themselves full with fatty, unhealthy food from the petrol station, take-always stands, fast-food restaurants and unambitious canteens. This group of people are not really interested in snacking on things like raw carrots or the like, so we took the decision to use a range of ingredients with which they are more familiar. "Vegan-togo" is an approach which seeks to reach people who don't like buying unfamiliar ingredients.

Which ingredients should those following the "vegan-to-go" programme always have to hand?

Everything that you can prepare helps you to eat quickly, tastily and still healthily. You can prepare almost everything: salad, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, soups, pesto and much more. And all without waiting, queuing and paying whilst on the go.

You are not a professional chef. How and where do you develop your recipes?

Always and everywhere. I love looking through the shelves in food shops to find new ingredients with which I can experiment. I then develop and perfect my creations in my kitchen at home, conducting countless tests and making small changes.

You experience a change in meat consumption every day. has Germany making progress in this respect?

We are making progress. Increasing numbers of people are coming to recognise that they want a more interesting and varied diet, taking the decision to eat mindfully when they are given something which actually tastes good. As I have always maintained, the problem lies not with the consumer, but the products on offer. The problem is, that shops do not believe that their customers want a wider choice. They are too impatient. Not every vegan recipe is actually tasty.

What is the situation in the USA? Is vegan food popular?

The Americans have made greater advances in some respects, whilst lagging behind in others. A considerable proportion of the population are eating healthily, whilst others have developed eating habits which will kill them in only a few years. It is a country of extremes. The state sits back and watches people eat themselves to death.

How careful are you to buy only organic products when about town?

100 %. I am very pleased that I have the inner strength to resist something which doesn't satisfy my quality standards. I would rather feel hungry than stuff myself with contaminated vegetables or fatty chips.

What is more important? What we eat or what we shouldn't eat?

Survival in our society does not depend on the speed at which we eat. This is something for which I am very grateful. I place greater importance on what I leave. For me, it is very important that I do not eat anything artificial. Were I to eat something full of toxins and chemicals, I would spend days after worrying about it, not to mention the effect it would have on my body. But everybody has to decide this for themselves. I have no problems to go to a party at which everyone eats whatever they like.

How do you prefer to travel? On foot, by bike; do you fly or do you only ever drive your Porsche?

I cycle more than I drive my Porsche. But the Porsche is more fun.

What do you allow a chef in a mainstream restaurant to cook for you?

Best, something like Spaghetti Arrabiata or something entirely plain, of course without an egg. I often have a glass of pesto in my pocket or I ask for some oil and garlic. Then I take a small salad with an oil and vinegar dressing, or perhaps a few roasted seeds. Restaurants increasingly provide at least one vegan option, sometimes even without being aware of it. For instance Bruschetta.

We have heard that you often like to order XXL vegan portions or a number of courses at the same time. How often do you eat?

Usually only twice a day. But when I eat (or so everyone says) then an awful lot. Sometimes, I eat a third time, but usually only to keep someone company.

Your enthusiasm for vegan eating has encouraged an increasing number of people to find out about vegan eating. What is the next step for you?

I would like to show hundreds of thousands of people how to break out of their terrible eating habits. I am especially moved by stories of individuals who experienced a story similar to mine.

Thank you for speaking to us. I wish you every success for the future.

Published by: rf/tk 04/16
Cook at home, eat to go: quickly, tastily, healthily and vegan

Cook at home, eat to go: quickly, tastily, healthily and vegan

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