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iF Design Award – medical technology by Dürr Dental receives renowned award

Optimum functionality, ergonomics, and design are a vital basis for an excellent product. Dürr Dental AG from Bietigheim-Bissingen has now received the renowned iF Design Award three times for its products. The new suction system Tyscor VS 2, the digital 2D panoramic X-ray device VistaPano S, and the sterilizer Hygoclave 30 stand out from among the mass of competitors.

Today, a modern dental surgery without dental suction systems is simply unimaginable. Dürr Dental AG pioneered the distribution of suction systems as far back as 1964. Back then, spray mist suction systems set about successfully dealing with two fundamental problems: the exposure of patients and the surgery team to germs and the inconvenient working posture of dentists, which until then had no alternative. Hardly any other innovation has made more progress in reducing the high number of back complaints among dentists: At last, dentists were able to sit down and work on patients who were lying on their backs.

“In comparison with traditional systems, the use of more robust and powerful radial technology in the superb Tyscor VS 2 increases failure safety and saves up to 50% in energy. In these environmentally aware times, this is an economic solution that has been endorsed by the Stuttgart Fraunhofer Institute,” explains Martin Dürrstein, CEO of  Dürr Dental AG. Furthermore, the system can be linked into the surgery network, and all performance data can be called up with the Dürr Dental Tyscor Pulse software.

When it comes to panoramic X-rays, Dürr Dental has raised the bar with its VistaPano S. The S-Pan technology records several layers in a single revolution and splits each layer into fragments. The fragments with the best focus are selected automatically and joined together to generate the panoramic image. This means that the image has the highest possible level of sharpness in all sectors. With 17 different X-ray programs, including four for children, dentists are equipped with a broad diagnostic spectrum.

An excellent reputation and international renown; that’s what the iF Design Award’s all about. Since 1953, iF has been devoting itself to the organization of independent design competitions and is internationally renowned for doing so. The globally recognized iF quality seal stands for excellent design and superb design services, and both companies and design agencies compete for it. Anyone who designs, develops, or manufactures a product wants to see it used. Anyone who buys it wants to see benefits from it. The “Product” discipline of the iF Design Award offers an excellent argument to both sides; a design that makes its mark here really has impressively proven its added value. Applicants in this discipline are subject to the following evaluation criteria: design quality, processing, material selection, innovation level, environmental friendliness, functionality, ergonomics, intuitive use, safety, brand value/branding, and universal design.

“In the last four years, we have received 20 awards and nominations for a convincing product design, and that makes me very proud. The latest of these – the iF Design Award for three of our products – is yet another incentive for us to give our customers our best in the future, too,” says Martin Dürrstein. “With the iF award acting as a seal of quality, our products can be convincingly promoted through our own company and specialist traders and can be reliably assessed by users in surgeries,” finishes Dürrstein.

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iF Design Award – medical technology by Dürr Dental  receives renowned award

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