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The Good Design Award – Medical technology from Dürr Dental receives renowned award

Optimum functionality, ergonomics and design are essential for any premium product. The renowned Good Design Award was given to Dürr Dental AG from Bietigheim-Bissingen in recognition of its new suction system Tyscor VS 2.

A dental practice without dental suction is unimaginable. As a pioneer Dürr Dental AG began distributing dental suction systems more than 50 years ago. Back then, spray mist suction systems needed to address two fundamental problems: the exposure of dental teams and patients to pathogens and the inconvenient working posture of the dentist. The introduction of suction systems which allowed dentists to work on patients in a supine position transformed dental treatments and greatly reduced the high number of back complaints among dentists.

Dürr Dental was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award from the "Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design" for its new » Tyscor VS 2 suction system. In comparison with previous systems, the use of more robust and powerful radial technology increases failure safety and saves up to 50% in energy. In these environmentally aware times, this is an economic solution that has been endorsed by the Stuttgart Fraunhofer Institute.

"Our high-grade products and their innovative technology receive universal recognition and enjoy widespread popularity among dental experts. The performance of our employees, including numerous engineers and technicians, particularly in the medical technology sector is outstanding. Their effort and expertise is evident in the superior level of design competence” explains CEO Martin Dürrstein.

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Tyscor VS 2

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