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The last "Golden Draw" marks the end of our anniversary year
The Orotol® prize is drawn for the fourth and last time

Worth its weight in gold - Orotol® is a must for suction units. The highly-effective disinfectant has long since attained cult status and has become indispensable in dental practices. With regard to brand recognition in the dental sector, Orotol is comparable with brands such as Tempo and Tesa. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its premier product last year, Dürr Dental launched an exceptional prize draw, allowing its customers to share in the success enjoyed by Orotol®. In four quarterly draws, Dürr Dental gave away three 20 g gold bars!

The promotion was launched in front of an international audience with a spectacular prize draw held at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne in March 2015. The first winner to hold one of the gold bars in her hands was speechless: Andrea Kutzer from Austria had never won anything before! This was followed by the first official draw. Dr. Michael Neidlinger from Holzkirchen (Germany), Dr. Peter Kalitzki from Brunswick (Germany) and the Mondzorg West Friesland Surgery in Enkhuizen (Netherlands) were delighted to win the Golden Draw. In the second quarter, Dr Hakan Dönmez from Turkey thought he was dreaming when he opened the door to the Dürr Dental country representative for Turkey, Hasan Senkaya, and only believed it when he saw the gold bar gleaming in his hands. Our two other winners, Dr. Nathalie Lacroix (France) and Dr. med. dent. Volker Schuster (Dortmund) never dreamed that their loyalty to Orotol® would pay out in real gold. The draw went into its third round in autumn 2015. This time, lady luck smiled on Dr Frank Knoll (Saarbrücken), Jenni Varis (Finland) and Dr Hans Martin Weiffenbach. This was not the first time that Bietigheim had come up trumps for him - his wife was born in the home town of Dürr Dental. The fourth and final Orotol® prize draw put a smile on the faces of Dr. Bettina Burkhardt (Leipzig) Cornelia Köhler (Eilsleben) and Ana Blanca (Spain).

None of the lucky winners would tell us what they have decided to do with their gold. In essence, it is not important. As the Greek Philosopher from the 4th century, B.C. Democritus, would say:"Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul”.

In order to put a feeling of happiness into daily surgery hygiene, Orotol® will continue to play its part in ensuring effective disinfection of suction units in dental practices. Far from being "past it", Orotol® still sets the gold standard in practice hygiene, even after 50 years. Hard to believe if you consider the circumstances of how its success story began. The first recipe for Orotol® was developed in 1965 - not in a high-tech laboratory but in a bathroom! Ludwig Pflug and Walter Dürr developed the formulation. Today, Pflug's son heads up the business sector Hygiene at Dürr Dental. Christian Pflug is well-versed in the challenges faced during the product's inception. "Dürr Dental launched the first suction units on the market at the beginning of the 1960s. The problem, however, was the lack of a disinfectant at that time for this new technology." The challenge therefore consisted of developing a disinfectant which had to have the properties of being foam-free, effective and material friendly."

In producing Orotol®, Dürr dental succeeded on every count. But the innovation didn’t stop there. Orotol® plus is effective not only against bacteria, fungi and certain viruses, but also against non-enveloped viruses such as the adenovuris or norovirus. Moreover, it not only eliminates tuberculosis pathogens but also the hepatitis C virus. Adapted to the needs of sensitive materials, Orotol® plus ensures long-term material preservation of suctions units and is also effective against dangerous biofilm. It is no wonder that Orotol® remains a market-leader and a flagship hygiene product of Dürr Dental 50 years after its invention.

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The Orotol® prize is drawn for the fourth and last time

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