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Three-dimensional insights and user-friendly cephalometric X-ray imaging: With VistaVox S and VistaVox S Ceph, Dürr Dental is able to meet the highest diagnostic demands of dentists and orthodontists

Whether it’s wisdom teeth growing in the wrong position, delicate root canals or navigated implantation – three-dimensional X-ray images help dentists and orthodontists to make reliable diagnosis in the day-to-day working environment. As a provider of system solutions, in addition to VistaVox S for excellent two and three-dimensional X-ray images Dürr Dental has developed another new product: VistaVox S Ceph offers all the qualities of VistaVox S – with the addition of six programmes for time-saving cephalometric exposures with minimised radiation doses.

Dentists are already benefiting from S-Pan technology in the area of panoramic X-rays. Here, VistaVox S selects from a large number of parallel layers the image sections that correspond best to the anatomy of the patient. The result: images showing the actual positioning of the teeth, which are capable of automatically cancelling out certain mispositioning errors. This means fewer repeat images and huge time savings.

Alongside the 17 panoramic programmes, VistaVox S Ceph offers all the important functions for Ceph X-ray images for day-to-day work in the field of orthodontics. These include the options "Lateral Head", "Full Lateral Head", "PA Head", "Submentovertex", "Waters View" and "Hand". Another advantage: this innovation meets the most important demands of forward-looking X-ray diagnostics systems. With a scan time of just 1.9 seconds, images are produced in exceptional quality and sharpness – with the lowest possible radiation dose. This unique selling point is made possible thanks to the high-sensitivity CSL sensors that are used. As with all other products from Dürr Dental, VistaVox S Ceph is all about smooth processes and user friendliness. This is why the new product features two of the sophisticated sensors. There is no need to unplug and reconnect between the 3D X-ray unit and the Ceph boom, a process that is both cumbersome and risky. The therapist selects the required programme, positions the patient and can then immediately start taking the radiograph.

Just like VistaVox S, VistaVox S Ceph really stands out with a perfect 3D imaging volume (Ø 130 x 85 mm). It follows the natural shape of the jaw arch and thus perfectly maps the region that is relevant for diagnostics – including the rear molars. The basis for this is a special curved path along which the unit travels. In addition, the unit also offers Ø 50 x 50 mm volumes for indications that only require a certain part of the jaw region to be shown. Another option for reducing the radiation dose is to take images using the standard quality mode, for example when planning implants or for investigating the sinuses. In this setting, the radiation dose is 62 percent lower than in HQ mode.

The new development from Dürr Dental provides dentists, orthodontists and group practices with an all-in-one unit for the full range of X-ray diagnostics. Dental practices get Pano, Ceph and 3D X-ray images in the highest possible quality.

At IDS 2019 in Cologne, Dürr Dental will be presenting the latest developments from the VistaVox family. The trade fair team is on hand to answer all your questions.

Three-dimensional insights and user-friendly cephalometric X-ray imaging

Three-dimensional insights and user-friendly cephalometric X-ray imaging

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