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Three-dimensional views for safe diagnostics

Dürr Dental is about to commence with the market launch of the VistaVox S 3-D X-ray system. Whether for implants, root or jaw fractures, hyperplasia or dysplasia – the demands of dental routine confront the therapist with situations for which he requires a safe 3-D X-ray diagnosis. Dürr Dental, a producer of diagnostic system solutions has completed its successful VistaSystem family with the new CBCT.

Presenting its new VistaVox S at the autumn exhibitions 2016, the developer from Bietigheim has come up with an innovative approach to producing top-end CBCT and panoramic images, and which can be used by implantologists, oral surgeons and general dentists alike.

With its jaw-shaped Ø 100 x 85 mm, the Field of View of the volume tomograph has been designed to ensure the capture of the complete mouth area, including the rear molars. This provides the best preconditions for almost every 3-D finding with a single positioning of the patient. The anatomically adapted volume covers a diagnostic area for which conventional 3D technology would otherwise require an expensive unit with a volume of 130 mm in diameter. Supplemented by the 17 panoramic programmes in the tried-and-tested S-pan technology, this provides dental practices with excellent imaging diagnostics in both the 2D and 3D areas.

The USP of the VistaVox S is located in the ideal 3D imaging volumes which it provides, oriented to the human anatomy. The highly-sensitive CsI sensor contributes to a reduction of the radiation exposure, achieved via a small-scale sensor geometry and simple kinematics. As with all products from the Vista System, the VistaVox S is extremely easy to use: for example through the face-to-face positioning of the patient – with a single (3D images) and three (for 2D images) positioning light lines. The 7“ touch-display enables extremely intuitive operation for the practice team and is assisted by the ergonomic image processing software VistaSoft 2.0, even for 3D imaging.

The VistaVox S from Dürr Dental represents high-end technology for 3D practice use at an affordable price and excellent value for money.

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Three-dimensional views for safe diagnostics

Three-dimensional views for safe diagnostics

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