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An effective solution for reducing germ-laden aerosols - The powerful range of cannulas from Dürr Dental protects the entire practice team

The unique range of cannulas from Dürr Dental represents the perfect symbiosis between functionality and design. Four different types of cannula are available for therapists – in a range of designs and colours. Regardless of whether for restorative, prosthetic, surgical, endodontic or prophylactic treatment – for each of these different applications Dürr Dental offers the perfect cannula to ensure optimum suction performance.

Superior quality across the range
All cannulas in the Dürr Dental range share the same basic quality features: they are ergonomically designed and have no edges, making them extremely comfortable for both patients and therapists alike. This special shape means that no pressure points are created in the patient’s mouth. At the same time, it provides the therapist with optimum grip. All cannulas deliver highly efficient suction performance to remove saliva, blood and micro-particles from the patient's mouth and are therefore well-suited to all types and areas of treatment. However, the performance of a suction cannula also depends on the performance of the suction system installed in the practice. A suction rate of around 300 l/min per therapist is required to achieve optimised spray mist suction.

Highlights of the different versions
Every treatment case is different and thus makes unique demands on the suction system. With the different cannula versions, Dürr Dental has therefore paid careful attention to individual features. The Universal Cannulas Protect and Petito for example feature special secondary air inlets (anti-reflux) for optimised spray mist suction, but despite this they are still exceptionally quiet. This is something they have in common with the sterile-packed Surgical Cannula, which has been developed for single use. Its tip also features special Protect secondary air inlets, offering patients optimised protection against reflux from the suction system. As a result, cannulas with this feature meet the current recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute, which state: "Technical modifications to the suction cannulas (by means of additional ventilation) can potentially reduce the risk of negative pressure being created if the nozzle adheres to the skin, without significantly impacting on the suction performance."*

High functionality and perfect ergonomics are also key for suction cannulas for children – the gentler and more pleasant the suctioning technique is for the child, the more successful and stress-free the entire treatment. The Universal Cannula Petito was specifically designed for the mouths of children. It is small and easy to handle, has no corners or edges, and is available in various bright colours – and of course it is also equipped with secondary air inlets (anti-reflux).

By contrast, one of the striking features of the Prophylaxis Cannula is its protective shield, which can be pivoted and locked in the required position. It enables particularly effective suctioning of spray mist, larger particles and/or spray powder. This makes it a real "hygiene cannula" – and thanks to its high suction capacity, it largely prevents any germ-laden aerosols from being expelled from the patient's mouth into the room. When correct holding techniques are used and the correct protective clothing is worn, the risk of infection for patients and the practice team is minimised. The prophylaxis cannula delivers extremely powerful and ergonomic suction, which is particularly valuable during prophylactic treatments with powder jet devices – even without help from a dental assistant. The therapist is able to perfectly position both the prophylaxis cannula and the powder jet handpiece on the teeth, without any obstructions. This prevents irritation of the mucosa.

An additional benefit – handpieces made to measure
Not only does the range of cannulas on offer leave nothing to be desired – the supplementary range of handpieces from Dürr Dental also impresses with a coherent system concept. It offers matching suction adapters for almost every manufacturer in the market, allowing each suction handpiece to be individually configured. An optional ball joint can be added to increase operating comfort even further and increase the service life of the suction hose. The suction handpiece is available with or without a rotary slide valve for temporarily interrupting suction power. Thanks to the different options available for combining the rotary adaptor/cannula retainer, suction handpiece with/without slide valve, ball joint and hose adapter, handpieces can be perfectly customised to suit your needs in an instant. This unique and comprehensive range of cannula handpieces delivers gentle, safe, quiet, efficient, ergonomic and versatile suction technology that meets the highest standards.

*Infection Prevention in Dentistry / Hygiene Requirements1, memorandum from the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention at the Robert Koch Institute, Federal Health Bulletin - Health Research – Health Protection 2006, section 5.2.

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