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One wipe is all it takes! The Dürr Dental range of wipes – effective, fast and practical

When it comes to hygiene, the area around the treatment unit and in close proximity to patients is particularly critical. A potentially contaminated aerosol cloud develops after every treatment; this spreads a number of metres from the patient's mouth into the treatment room. Thorough and quick-acting disinfection that also keeps waiting times as short as possible is vital after every single treatment. The disinfection wipes from Dürr Dental are soaked in active ingredient and impress with extremely fast and practical application, high material compatibility and a broad spectrum of activity.

Different surfaces place different requirements on hygiene management. The applicable risk assessment dictates whether or not cleaning is sufficient or targeted disinfection is required. In the case of surfaces, this can often be a difficult decision, since as yet there is no RKI classification. There is only a recommendation that "all disinfection measures (…) should be carried out in the form of wipe disinfection“ (RKI recommendation "Infection Prevention in Dental Medicine – Hygiene Requirements”, 2006, page 384, section 7.1).

Pre-soaked, ready-to-use wipes are generally becoming more and more popular – not least because of their fast and practical application. Dürr Dental has responded to this trend. Not only is the range of wipes now bigger than ever before, but the products have be adapted to the latest hygiene requirements and demands in dental practices.

In the process, the tried-and-tested surface disinfection products from the Dürr Hygiene System have been combined with appropriate wipe materials to tailor them to the different areas of application. The relevant wipe size and the packaging design also meet the latest requirements of dental practices. The range includes both alcohol-free and alcohol-based disinfection wipes.

Here, the spectrum of activity ranges from limited viricidal activity (FD 312 wet wipes, FD 366 sensitive wipes) to limited viricidal PLUS (FD 322 premium wipes, FD 322 top wipes, FD 333 wipes, FD 350) and viricidal (FD 300 top wipes, FD 333 forte wipes).

The FD 333 forte wipes deserve special mention. These are the only alcohol-based quick disinfection wipes that have been declared bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal in accordance with the current guidelines of DVV/RKI and EN 14476. In addition, FD 333 forte offers very good, certified material compatibility for instruments that are subjected to a final disinfection (semi-critical A). As a counterpart to ready-to-use wipes, FD 333 forte is also available as a ready-to-use solution for wipe disinfection.

The Dürr Dental range of wipes – effective, fast and practical

The Dürr Dental range of wipes – effective, fast and practical

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