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PAR is gaining in importance

Vector® method is helping prophylaxis teams to deliver successful SPT

The distinctly improved preservation of natural teeth in many patients is placing an increasing emphasis on the prevention and treatment of periodontal problems, as well as on securing the long-term success of such treatment. A paradigm shift is looming, and this is also reflected in the new PAR guideline, which came into force on 1 July 2021. The average lifespan of natural teeth is increasing. At the same time, age-related degradation processes are occurring in the mouth, in the teeth and gums, as well as in the jawbone.

The protection and relief of the periodontal apparatus are gaining relevance. Professional teeth cleaning and periodontal initial and maintenance therapy, as well as treatments such as periimplantitis therapy, are more important than ever. The new PAR guideline is giving supportive periodontitis treatment (SPT) for periodontitis patients the best possible chance of long-term success.

The Vector® Paro Pro and Vector® Scaler ultrasound systems are providing optimum and versatile support for the prophylaxis teams who are responsible for delivering treatment to patients. The Vector® Paro ultrasound system is unique in its use of linear instrument motion to maintain natural tooth substance. Deposits and biofilms are effectively eliminated and pathogenic bacteria are reduced, whilst the relatively soft root dentine remains intact and the regenerative tissue is spared. In a unique combination with the ultrasound technology of the Vector® system, the hydroxylapatite-based Vector® Fluid Polish polishing fluid assists the cleaning process and reduces hypersensitivity during treatment. This minimally invasive and non-traumatic treatment method, in which the formation of aerosols is reduced, makes the Vector® system the ideal solution for everyone involved.

The slimline Vector® Paro handpiece is a particularly tactile and ergonomic tool which enables the user to work without visibility being impaired. The Vector® Paro handpiece has been optimised specifically for periodontitis, periimplantitis and recall treatments. It differs from conventional devices by removing deposits with oscillating movements following the direction of the tooth. The linear vibration deflection of the low-vibration Vector® Paro provides the user with the tactile sensitivity of a hand instrument.

Patients with whom discussions have to be undertaken to explain the necessity for treatment and convince them to consent to it can be helped and encouraged by being told that treatment with the Vector® is relatively painless and gentle on tooth substance. A selection of accompanying materials including patient information flyers and similar is available to assist communication with patients.
The particularly gentle and thorough way in which the Vector® system works offers clear benefits for prophylaxis teams and their patients, thereby creating the ideal basis for the long-term success of the treatment of periodontal diseases.

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