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VistaPano S Ceph – absolutely perfectly in imaging

The successful and iF design award winner VistaPano S has been expanded with the addition of powerful cephalometric module and now completes the digital product range from Dürr Dental.

Thanks to the S-Pan technology which selects the image areas that best correspond to the actual anatomy from a multitude of parallel layers, the therapist is provided with especially detailed recordings for reliable diagnostics. The dentist gains a further advantage in that repeat recordings are avoided because errors from faulty positioning are greatly reduced. The metal artefact reduction is a further module that leads to outstanding image quality, and therefore fast, efficient diagnostics.

To improve the workflow, the VistaPano has been equipped with a large touch screen LCD. This simplifies work in the surgery because all settings can be made on the display in a user-friendly way after activation of the VistaPano.

The variety of applications of iF design award winner VistaPano is now expanded by a fast Ceph module with low radiation exposure. The unit is equipped with two modern CsI sensors. No replugging of the sensor between the panorama X-ray unit and the cephalometric unit is necessary. This eliminates the risk of the sensor falling and therefore expensive insurance for this is no longer necessary. The time saved in recording also contributes to improvement of the workflow because a lateral Ceph recording takes only 4.1 seconds. Also the exposure of the patient to radiation is reduced by the low scanning time; furthermore the risk of the patient moving is also significantly reduced. A panorama recording is completed in 7 seconds.

In addition to the 17 panorama programs available, programs for all cephalometric recordings for orthodontic treatment are now also included. The "Lateral head" and "PA head" are also possible as are "SMV", "Waters View" and carpus recordings for checking the growth status.

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VistaPano S Ceph

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