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Adjusting image presettings to get the best impression of your images.


Image Preprocessing

The Image quality and image impression is influenced by many factors especially at x-ray images. Besides of the x-ray system (x-ray tube, scanner or Sensor) also the computer system (PC and monitor)...
German Design Award


German Design Award 2018 - Double Success for Dürr Dental

With the new MyFlow powder jet handpiece winning its category and the Hygoclave 90 steriliser getting a special mention, Dürr Dental scored a double success at this year's prestigious German Design...
A new formulation for Orotol® plus and MD 555 cleaner gives even better results


Categories: Hygiene

An unbeatable duo for the disinfection and cleaning of suction units

Each of the concentrates already produces top-quality cleaning results which prolongs the life of your suction unit – yet when paired as a duo they are simply unbeatable.
Figure 1 - VistaSoft


How to change the video image settings in VistaSoft, DBSWIN or VistaEasy View

Depending on the environmental conditions it could be necessary to adjust the Video image settings for intraoral cameras. It´s very simple to do this adjustment within VistaSoft,  DBSWIN or...
Hygoclave 90 with DuraSteam technology


Categories: Hygiene

Dürr Dental brings a new era of steam steriliser technology to the dental surgery - the Hygoclave 90 with DuraSteam technology

Dürr System Hygiene products such as Orotol, the gold standard for suction systems, are highly valued for cleaning and disinfecting hands, surfaces, instruments and special areas. The company...
Lunos® - new premium prophylaxis system


Categories: Hygiene

Lunos® - Impressive new premium prophylaxis system with many unique product advantages

The new premium prophylaxis brand Lunos® offers the 'best of the best' in a well thought-out system that covers a wide range of professional dental cleaning needs. Current products range from dental...
Enzymatic cleaner ID 215 with disinfecting power


Categories: Hygiene

Enhanced safety

New enzymatic cleaner ID 215 with disinfecting power for effective instrument reprocessing
Dürr Dental welcomes its international guests at the company's headquarters in Bietigheim-Bissingen


Categories: Company

Dental-industry guests from all around the world - 75th anniversary of Dürr Dental AG

Dürr Dental AG, based in the German town of Bietigheim-Bissingen, welcomed its international specialist trade partners – 150 guests from 45 countries – to celebrate its 75th anniversary. As well as...
Three-dimensional views for safe diagnostics


Categories: Diagnostic Systems

Three-dimensional views for safe diagnostics

Dürr Dental is about to commence with the market launch of the VistaVox S 3-D X-ray system. Whether for implants, root or jaw fractures, hyperplasia or dysplasia – the demands of dental routine...
Right-to-left: Udo Kronester, CEO Mercy Ships Deutschland e.V.; Martin Dürrstein, Chairman of the Board Dürr Dental AG; Dr Nicole-Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing in Baden-Württemberg; Mike Layer, Head of Central Marketing Dürr Dental AG


Categories: Company

Nomination for Dürr Dental with Mercy Ships

Dürr Dental AG from Bietigheim-Bissingen (Germany) has been supporting the work of aid organisation Mercy Ships for 15 years. This commitment was recognised at the 10th Lea SME Social Responsibility...