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Adjusting image presettings to get the best impression of your images.


Image Preprocessing

The Image quality and image impression is influenced by many factors especially at x-ray images. Besides of the x-ray system (x-ray tube, scanner or Sensor) also the computer system (PC and monitor)...
Figure 1 - VistaSoft


How to change the video image settings in VistaSoft, DBSWIN or VistaEasy View

Depending on the environmental conditions it could be necessary to adjust the Video image settings for intraoral cameras. It´s very simple to do this adjustment within VistaSoft,  DBSWIN or...
Protection of the image plate


Categories: Diagnostic Systems

Protection of the image plate

In many dental practices the switch from analog to digital x-ray technology is now complete. Here, it is becoming increasingly clear that image plates are establishing themselves as a preferred...
Intraoral camera systems – here the VistaCam iX HD from Dürr Dental – are becoming more popular in the day-to-day life of the surgery and also provide a useful addition for the prophylaxis.


Categories: Diagnostic Systems

Camera is running

Intraoral camera systems are becoming more popular in the day-to-day life of the surgery. Whether for diagnostics, communication with the patient or during the treatment itself – the areas of...
Ergonomically excellent


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Ergonomically excellent

Physical ailments afflict many surgery teams. Whether headaches, back or neck pain, often ergonomic working helps prevent these pains. With only a few changes or small aids, improvement is directly...
Giving the proper support


Categories: Diagnostic Systems

Giving the proper support

Intraoral X-raying can be a diagnostic method with many sources of errors. The surgery team receives assistance here from support systems. However, they are not popular with all surgery employees....
The biofilm cannot only become a problem in the mouth of the patient


Categories: Hygiene

The biofilm cannot only become a problem in the mouth of the patient,

but also in the suction system of the surgery unit. Even there, the biofilm can harden or calcify. As for the teeth, the consequence of the spreading, untreated biofilm can be a harmful...