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Vector Power against periodontitis.

Initial therapy

The most important aims of the initial treatment are to thoroughly remove the biofilm, the mineralised parts of the biofilm in the form of tartar, and to smooth the surface of the root right down into the fundus.

Although the mineralized elements do not trigger a periodontal infection, they do provide the ideal breeding ground for the new growth of periodontal pathogens.

The precisely tailored Paro instruments are made from highquality surgical steel and allow this type of treatment to be carried out in an efficient clinical manner and successfully.

The exceptionally fine hydroxyapatite particles of the Vector Fluid polish optimize the polish and reduce hypersensitivity following treatment. The pocket is always rinsed out thoroughly – with no aerosol formation. Thanks to the hydro-dynamic effects, the bacterial count is reduced drastically.

Initial therapy

Maintenance treatment (recall)

Even following intensive cleaning of the root surface, the bacterial recolonization of the periodontal pockets can occur within a few days.

For this reason, regular maintenance treatment or even supportive periodontal treatment must take place regularly following initial therapy in order to prevent the reinfection of the pockets.

The intervals between recall sessions must be determined individually for each patient.

The Vector system offers ideal instruments – made of flexible plastic – and carbon fibre reinforced probes and prophylaxis curettes for this type of treatment. In this way, the risk of damaging the surface of the root, or unintentionally causing tissue trauma is low.

By using the Vector Fluid polish, the biofilm is effectively removed, in turn effectively preventing a bacterial community from reforming. And this can be done in a really gentle manner*.

*See study: A. Braun, F. Krause, G. Hahn, M. Frentzen: Subjektive Schmerzempfindungen bei der periodontalen Behandlung, Quintessenz 53, 7, 749-754 (2002)

Maintenance treatment (recall)
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