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HD 412 essential hand disinfectant

An alcohol based hand sanitiser especially for allergy sufferers, providing hygienic hand disinfection for surgical use.

  • Bactericidal incl. tuberculocidal, yeasticidal, limited virucidal & non-enveloped viruses (noro, rota)
  • Extremely safe: hygienic hand disinfection 30 seconds / surgical hand disinfection 5 minutes
  • Free of perfume and colourings
  • Non-sensitising, free of potentially allergenic additives

Active substances: Alcohol
Available as: 500 ml for Hygocare Plus, 800 ml, 2.5 l
Our recommendation: Touchless universal dispenser T 1000, T 400, universal preparation dispenser S 400, L 400, L 1000, metering pump