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Hygoclave 30

Sterile instruments and expertise are a prerequisite for successful dental treatment. The Hygoclave 30 Class B Steam Sterilizer, provides the reassurance you need for a sustainably safe practice.

  • Short heating phase thanks to matched choice of material
  • Fast cycle time from 20 min onwards (drying included)
  • Integrated fresh water quality tests
  • Protects the instruments by virtue of little thermal leaps
  • Low power consumption and excellent drying results due to a differentiated heating system
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Diagnostic system for process evaluation and debugging
  • Elegant and functional design



Technical data Hygoclave 30
Dimensions (L x H x W) in mm 444 x 430 x 599
Chamber volume in l 17,5
Empty weight in kg 55
Voltage in V 230
Frequency in Hz 50/60
Power in W 1920
Average power in W 1000
Load capacity (unpackaged instruments) in kg:
Solid, hollow instruments
Porous materials

Sound pressure (SPL) dB(A) 52
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