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Hygoclave 50

With Hygoclave 50, Dürr Dental offers dental practices a professional Class B solution that combines impressive performance with a well thought-out operating concept – for maximum efficiency and exceptional user friendliness designed to cope effortlessly with tough day-to-day working environments.

Colour-coded icons on the high-resolution 5" touch screen make for incredibly easy navigation and offer fast access to key functions and the integrated user management system. The most recently used sterilization and test cycles can be comfortably started there by quick access

Key features

  • High-performance sterilization and drying system with a an extra univeral-programm
  • Excellent usability thanks to:
    - intuitive operating concept
    - High-resolution 5" touch display
    - Automatic door locking mechanism
  • Flexible fresh water supply and integrated water quality test
  • Comfortable documentation thanks to the connection to the practice network and dental documentation programs
Maximum Load for standard Cycles Type B Hygoclave 50 Hygoclave 50 Plus
Unpackaged, bulky load 5,5 kg 6.5 kg
Packaged, bulky load 3.5 kg 4 kg
Porous load 1.5 kg 2 kg
Maximum load for B flash cycle
Packaged, bulky load 0.5 kg 0.7 kg
Porous load 0.2 kg 0.3 kg
Cycle times
134°C B Standard (hold time 5.5 min) 45 min 48 min
134°C B Standard Plus (hold time 5.5 min) 49 min 51 min
134°C B Prions (hold time 20 min) 60 min 62 min
134°C B Flash (hold time 5.5 min) 33min 34min
121°C B Standard (hold time 20.5 min) 58min 60min

*Average values determined at maximum load including pre-heating phase and drying.

Technical Data Hygoclave 50 Hygoclave 50 Plus
Supply voltage 220V–60 Hz , 230V–50 / 60 Hz, 240V–50 Hz 220V–60 Hz , 230V–50 / 60 Hz , 240V–50 Hz
Maximum current consumption at 230V 8.9 A 9.6 A
Maximum power consumption at 230V 2050 W 2200 W
External dimensions (WxHxD) 493 x 484 x 642 mm 493 x 484 x 642 mm
Weight 57 kg 61 kg
Chamber dimensions (Ø x D) 250 x 370 mm 250 x 450 mm
Chamber volume 17 l 22 l
Chamber material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Fresh water container 5.2 l 5.2 l
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