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Hygopac Sealcheck

Seal test

Hygopac Sealcheck from Dürr Dental is a usable system, made of Hygofol sterile product films, with integrated indicator – the ideal system for daily quality control of the sealing quality of sealed sterile product packaging. The Hygopac Sealcheck system allows quick and simple checking of the sealing seam for functional assessment in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11607-2.

Consistent quality of the sealing process then provides reproducible results when documented proof of the sealing safety is carried out daily. For visual inspection of the sealing seam, the test system is sealed, assessed and documented. Optimum colour distribution over the entire sealing seal width and length indicates an intact and optimum sealing seam which forms a safe sterile barrier system.

Hygopac Sealcheck is simple and efficient to use:

  • 50 % time saving – no need for film cutting
  • 50 % labour saving – no need to pack test and film
  • 0 % additional costs

Sterile product film with integrated Hygopac Sealcheck indicator for a guaranteed perfect result. Every day.

  • Easy to use in the workflow
  • Quick testing with immediate results
  • Safe visual assessment of the sealing quality of sealing seams
  • Comprehensible documentation of test results with quality-based records
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