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Seal-seam test

Annual seal-seam test (performance evaluation) for sealing devices in acc. with EN ISO 11607-2

The integrity of the seal on transparent sterile-goods packaging must be verified by an annual test known as PQ = Performance Qualification. “Process validation” is understood as provision of objective verification in acc. with Standard EN ISO 11607-2 that all quality requirements have been met.

Quick and easy quality confirmation

The Performance Qualification involves, on the one hand, use of a proper packaging and materials system and on the other, doublechecking the seal seam for tensile strength in acc. with standard test procedures. Dürr Dental offers dental surgeries this seal-seam test as a service for the foil-sealing unit Hygopac under article number 0000-500. Each purchase of a new Dürr Dental Hygopac or Hygopac View includes a 1-year certificate for free Hygofol products.

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