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The Hygopure 90. High capacity for high requirements.

When operated at maximum performance, the Hygoclave 90 needs a powerful and reliable partner. With its high capacity, the Hygopure 90 permits the dispensing of large quantities (several litres) of DI water at once. The good service life of the cartridges and the membrane provide excellent reliability at high frequencies - perfect for large dental practices or clinics. The water tap (included in the scope of delivery) and an additional storage container ensure additional ease of use.

  • Reverse osmosis unit inc. water tap and storage tank
  • Multiple filter stages + high-performance membrane with a service valve for checking the efficiency
  • Quick connector makes for simple installation
  • High capacity
  • Several litres of DI water can be dispended at once
  • The eco module permits water savings of up to 70%


Hygodem 90 and Hygopure 90 overview

Dimensions (W x H x D) 39.5 x 50.0 x 15.5 cm Container (Ø x H): 24.0 x 40.5 cm
Water pressure 2.8 – 7.0
Capacity approx. at medium hardness 1315 l *With a medium hardness range: 7.3 to 14 °dH
Water temperature 4 – 38 °C
Filter change at the latest after 1 year or after exhaustion: conductance > 15 µS/cm
Service life of membrane Approx. 4 years or if retention quota < 80%, measurable via membrane service valve in front of the ion exchanger
Removal volume Max. 7.5 l/h
Degree of efficiency 1 : 3 (permeate to waste water) Constant thanks to the eco module
Country of manufacture Made in Germany
Demineralized water in accordance with EN 13060 Appendix C Yes
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