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If you have been thinking about investing in a replacement for a long time or may even have to perform a retrofitting, we would like to support you with our special offers. As we all now, sometimes it can be the little things that can make a difference. Therefore, when you buy a new DÜRR DENTAL equipment device, you will get a 5-year warranty extension included in the package.
Or do you just need to change the filters on your compressor or a set of new cannulas? Here you are spot on with us as well!
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The sales offers are not valid in every country. Please contact our DÜRR DENTAL Branchoffices & Representations your local dental dealer directly for your special offer.

5 years of security

Buy a DÜRR DENTAL product now and get the warranty extension to 5 years included!

With a warranty extension to five years, you can ensure maximum performance and availability from your Dürr Dental products with calculable operating costs. This warranty, for newly purchased devices, can be extended within four weeks after the date of installation. (valid for Compressed Air and Suction).

Compressed Air: Price advantage up to 845,- €
Suction: Price advantage up to 320,- €

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Suction and Amalgam Separation in the smallest space

Now up to 16% price advantage when buying a VSA suction system!

The VSA suction systems combine vacuum generation and separation in a single compact unit. Completely configured with hose lines, connections and a control unit to simplify integration in every practice. Moreover, central suction and separation improve efficiency compared to systems in the treatment units, as they minimise or even eliminate costs for additional automatic separators, for example.

  • Variable, space-saving installation
  • Operational reliability thanks to proven and robust technology
  • Amalgam separator CA 4 with automatic level monitoring

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Cannulas at a special price

Get the cannulas form your dental dealer at a special price!*

With its particularly quiet range of cannulas DÜRR DENTAL makes a valuable contribution to improving the working conditions for the surgery team. But this is only one of many advantages.

The cannulas are designed to feel extremely comfortable in the patient‘s mouth and to leave no sore spots. The secondary air inlets of the Protect cannulas offer another benefit, as they provide protection against reflux of secretions from the suction system.**

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Filter change at a special price

Safe the value of your compressor by changing the filter once a year - Now at a special price!*

Make sure that your compressor does not run out of air: Compressed air systems from DÜRR DENTAL impress with their air quality and reliability. In order to ensure their performance for many years, they usually require no more than one filter change per year.

Simply use our online filter finder and order now at a special price directly from your dental dealer

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The next Generation. Tyscor suction systems.

Our new generation of suction systems has arrived!

Now even better: energy-saving, reliable and scalable. The new Tyscor VS suction systems with innovative radial technology will beam dental practices into a new dimension of efficiency and sustainability.

  • 50% Energy Saving Potential
  • Plug & play / 230 V, no three-phase AC current required
  • Operationally reliable with two suction stages (Tyscor VS 4)
  • Powerful spray mist suction system for dry, wet and mixed systems

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Hygopac View: Old-vs.-New

Get a price advantage of 11% when you buy a Hygopac View now!

The Hypopac View: Sterile product packaging in accordance with state-of-the-art medical practice – and legal requirements.

Valid for a Hygopac View and 2x Hygfol bags (500 pieces each, 10x30 cm) and simultaneous return of any old sealing device.

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**Refer to the notification from the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention at the Robert Koch Institute on „Infection Prevention in Dentistry / Hygiene Requirements“, section 5.2, published in Federal Health Bulletin 4/2006 (Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg)  

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