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Maintaining or repairing a device is usually inconvenient for a practice during operation. Together with our trade partners, we want to give you the opportunity to use the time of a practice break to carry out maintenance on your devices. This way, you can start with full operational safety when you resume your activities!

An overview of the products, service and maintenance kits can be found here.

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Item no. Product
7125-984-00 Service Kit VSA 300 S (5 year interval)
7122980100 Service Kit VS 300 S (5 year interval)
7128980100 Service Kit VS 600 – VS 1200 (5 year interval)


Item no. Product
7117980001 Service Kit CA1 (5 year interval)
7117-980-33 Sevice Kit CS 1 (3 year interval)
7117-980-32 Service Kit CAS 1 (3 year interval)
7117-980-30 Service Kit CAS 1 (5 year interval)
7805980001 Service Kit CA4 (5 year interval)


Item no. Product
2140-954-50 Service Kit Perio (3 year interval)
2130-954-50 Service Kit Combi Plus / Combi (3 year interval)
2151-954-50 Service Kit VistaScan Combi View (3 year interval)
2141-954-50 Service Kit Mini, Mini View (3 year interval)
2143-954-50 Service Kit Mini Easy (3 year interval)


Item no. Product
5180-981-00 Sleeve Maintenance-/Repairkit Tornado 1,2 und 4 (5 year interval)
5180-982-50 Shock absorber set for Tornado 1 and 2 (4 year interval)
4280-982-50 Shock absorber Set Tornado 4 (4 year interval)
5150-982-50 Shock absorber Set f. PRIMO , DUO, DUO-TANDEM (4 year interval)
0947-003-00 Shock absorber set f. TORNADO 130, Trio, Quattro, Quattro Tandem, P20 (4 year interval)
0949-500-03 Rubber buffer set for PTS 200PTS 200 (4 year interval)

Dental Care

Item no. Product
2031-340-00 Service Kit Vector Paro / Paro Pro
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