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Tyscor Pulse

Your practice supply engineering is always in view

With the software Tyscor Pulse, Dürr Dental brings the dental practice into the digital age.

This ingenious software immediately shows the condition of the supply technology with the relevant characteristics - for maximum operational safety and easy diagnosis. The software shows the operating condition, any errors and provides support during diagnostics and maintenance. This simplifies the work of the surgery team making visual inspection of the device largely redundant. The tandem compressors, the new radial suction machine Tyscor, the CA 4 amalgam separator and the Power Tower Silence 200 are equipped with the compatible control unit for utilising the new software.

This is what really matters:

  • Functional status of all connected devices in overview of your computer’s task bar
  • Display of all relevant device data
  • Messages on all operational states
  • Information from programmes can be sent by email
  • Technicians can log in to analyse errors whenever they wish
  • Automatic notification of maintenance/service intervals
  • Easy integration of new products into the system



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