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Hygosuc - Precise dispensing and disinfection

The Hygosuc enables precise, automated cleaning and disinfection of the suction system combined with easy handling, generating substantial time savings for your practice staff. It eliminates the need for routine manual cleaning and disinfection of the suction system. The compact design of the add-on device enables quick and easy retrofitting of the treatment unit. The cleaning and disinfection cycles can be logged via the software.

Key features:

  • Simple, time-efficient handling
  • Proper cleaning and disinfection with precise dispensing
  • Logging of disinfection cycles via software
  • Low space requirements due to compact design
  • 3 functions in 1 device:

    • Flush-cleaning
    • Automated disinfection with Orotol® plus
    • Integrated rinsing unit

  • Made in Germany

Automated cleaning and disinfection

One suction point each for the small and large suction hoses for timeefficient and easy cleaning and disinfection of the suction system.

Integrated flush-cleaning

The recommended suction of min. 200 ml water after each treatment is carried out via the integrated flush-cleaning.

Orotol® plus disinfection of suction systems

Foam-free liquid concentrate for simultaneous disinfection, deodorisation, cleaning and care of all suction systems and amalgam separators.

Our recommendation: 1 l bottle of Orotol® plus for the Hygosuc add-on device.

Technical Data Hygosuc for CDS 60 Hygosuc with CDS 1
Voltage (V AC/DC) 24 24
Current consumption (mA) max. 130 300
Power consumption (VA) 3 5.5
Dimensions of add-on device (H x W x D cm) 32 x 19 x 16 32 x 19 x 16
Weight (kg) 5 6
Water pressure (bar) 4 ± 1 4 ± 1
Air pressure (bar) 4 ± 1 4 ± 1
Outflow diameter (mm) min. 15 mm min. 15 mm
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