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Variosuc - Intraoral high volume suction – Safety with 300 l/min

Depending on the conditions in the dental practice or the area of application, the question of adequate infection protection arises, above all through a highly efficient aspiration of germ-contaminated aerosol. With the Variosuc Dürr Dental offers a mobile and ready-to-use spray mist suction system for one dental chair that can be used flexibly and without prior installation effort in the dental practice. Plug in - get going! This means that even under extraordinary conditions, there is no need to do without a highly efficient Dürr Dental suction system. For difficult installation conditions in a dental practice the Variosuc can also become a permanent stationary solution, e.g. in the prophylaxis room.


So that you remain healthy – 300 l/min suction volume is a must!

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This is what counts:

  • Mobile high volume spray mist suction with 300 l/min at the cannula
  • Only electricity and no other requirements necessary
  • Vacuum generation and separation in one compact unit, on request even with amalgam separation
  • Integrated secretion vessel, also adaptable for direct drainage if required
  • Bacteria filter in exhaust outlet to reduce infection risk
  • Sound-absorbing hood for low-noise operation
  • Comfort hose manifold with up to 3 hose components (e.g. large suction hose,
    saliva cannula and spittoon)
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