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Commercial Service

Your first port of call with any problems relating to your product. If you have questions about warranties, credit items, invoices, services or returns management, our Commercial Service is ready to help you. We leave no stone unturned to find the best solution to your problem, e.g. a factory repair.

Comprehensive service for repairs.

At the customer‘s service. Our friendly employees will provide expert information in response to all your questions about repairs. Dürr Dental is synonymous with fair complaints processing. All pro­cesses are transparent and accountable.

Fast results. We know that your time is precious. It is therefore our aim to find an optimum solution for your requests as soon as possible.

Always informed.  We have an eye on your returned goods and always know at what stage your goods are.Just in case.  To ensure a safe practise procedure we can offer units on loan for some products.

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