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Factory repairs for MyLunos devices – quick and cost-effective

We have introduced a simplified repairs procedure for MyLunos devices through our direct repairs service, so as to make our prices and services easy to understand. Rather than lengthy, individual quotations, we apply one of just two standardised, cost-effective flat rate fees for repairs to our MyLunos devices, so you can be sure of the maximum costs before any work has been carried out. In case of a warranty claim, we will cover the full costs.

Direct repairs

Our standardised repairs procedure ensures high-quality repairs and means that your MyLunos device is returned to you as quickly as possible.

Increased transparency and safety

Our new direct repairs service increases transparency and safety, as the repairs are carried out on the basis of assured test steps. Following testing, a guarantee of 1 year is granted for the components included in the flat rate repair fee.

This service is currently available in Germany and the Netherlands.

The flat rate repair and maintenance fees

SERVM41001 Basic and maintenance flat rate fee Lunos® MyLUNOS powder jet handpiece – €170.00 * including post and packaging (plus VAT)

The work covered by the basic and maintenance flat rate fee is always carried out.

The Dürr Dental maintenance flat rate fee covers the replacement of all seals and wear parts that can be accessed from the outside.

Replacing these parts prevents possible failures due to leakages before problems occur. The device is also thoroughly cleaned and checked to ensure that it is working properly.

The maintenance flat fee rate ensures that your MyLunos device functions safely and is kept clean while also guaranteeing a long service life.

SERVR41001 Repairs flat rate fee Lunos® MyLUNOS powder jet handpiece – €100.00 * (plus VAT)

Work carried out within the scope of the repairs flat rate fee depends on the individual findings.

The Dürr Dental repairs flat rate fee guarantees cost transparency before repairs have even been carried out.

This ensures that repairs can be carried out quickly without you having to worry about the price. 

The repairs flat rate fee covers all required components as well as the hours of work.

*Prices are valid according to our Price List 2019 until 31 December 2019

The repairs procedure

  • You place the order via the Internet, accept the repair costs and order a hire device as required.
  • We send you the empty packaging, the hire device (if applicable), an RMA ticket and the return label.
  • You pack the prepared device using the packaging provided and arrange a collection date with our carrier.
  • We carry out the repairs and create an invoice straight away.
  • We return the repaired device to you and issue the invoice to your dental depot.

Antrag auf MyLunos Werksreparatur EN

Antrag auf MyLunos Werksreparatur

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Turbine coupling
Jet handpiece

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Ordering a hire device:

You need to send your MyLunos device for servicing, but cannot afford downtimes? Take advantage of our hire device service, free of charge for warranty cases. You can now request a hire device for just €80 for the duration of the factory repair.
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