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To purchase a Dürr Dental device is a decision to invest in a first-class product. By registering your new Dürr Dental product you receive a free one-year warranty.

Use the advantages and enjoy the benefits.

If despite the correct installation, operation and care of your product, it should suffer a defect within the guarantee period, DÜRR DENTAL SE will undertake cost-free provision of replacement parts and components, in accordance with out General Terms & Conditions. You should act to register your product within three months of its purchase, otherwise we will be unable to grant an extension to the warranty. The quickest and easiest method to register your new Dürr Dental product is online.

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Should a registered product be deemed defective within the two time period and provided they have been properly installed, used and looked after, with cleaning agents and disinfectants that have been approved by Dürr Dental, we will provide replacement parts, components and in-house repairs free of charge, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions. In the third year the warranty is limited to DÜRR DENTAL original parts, only. Expense in case of an technical field service (working hours/journey time), transport- and packing costs as well as handling costs caused by an dealer are not part of the warranty which is granted by DÜRR DENTAL SE. The Product must be registered within 3 months, started from the date of purchase (please attach an copy of the invoice), otherwise the full benefits of warranty claims may not apply.


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