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An interview with Sarah Koch

Spotlight on Business Administration - International Business

Which work-study programme are you doing at DÜRR DENTAL?
I am completing my work-study programme in Business Administration-International Business.

Why did you decide to do a work-study programme at DÜRR DENTAL?
I had known for a long time that I wanted to do a work-study programme. It was very important to me to be trained in an industry with a secure future. So I did some research and came across DÜRR DENTAL. As DÜRR DENTAL is active in the dental sector, it was clear to me that this company would be a potential option. In general, there is a constant demand for dental technology services, as people will always need dental treatment and prostheses. I was also impressed by the fact that DÜRR DENTAL has 45 locations worldwide and is represented in 148 countries. I also think it's great that there are lots of leisure and sports activities on offer, such as the company's own fitness studio or company-owned flats in holiday sites.

What do you like best about your work-study programme so far?
I think it's great that you have so much variety in the practical phases. In contrast to full-time students, you can put what you've learned at university into practice, which I think is great. You also have the opportunity to work closely with dentists and colleagues from all over the world, which I find very interesting, especially with regard to my field of study.

What areas have you worked in so far, and can you give some examples of the tasks you have done here?
So far, I've had the opportunity to get to know a lot of departments. From the warehouse to accounting and sales. I was always allowed to take on tasks independently in the departments and experience everything first-hand. For example, I was often taken to our subsidiaries and could get to know everything there and work independently. I was also able to work at the International Sales Meeting in 2023 and had the opportunity to get to know our foreign employees directly.

What was the most fun that you had during your work-study programme with us?
Definitely our trip to Tripsdrill!

I think it's great that you have such variety in the practical phases. In contrast to full-time students, you can put what you’ve learnt at university directly into practice

Sarah Koch

Work-study student - Business Administration, International Business

Do you have a story from a project that shows how you have successfully combined theory and practice?
Absolutely. My home department is International Sales. During our studies, we learn a lot about the cultures of other countries and how to do business with them. I can put this to good use when I'm dealing with our foreign colleagues or customers.

If you were to describe your work-study programme in emojis, which ones would you use?

What's the most impressive “light bulb” moment you've had during your work-study programme?
When I finally understood statistics (laughs).

Share a story where you felt your work had a real impact.
When we had employees and customers visiting from abroad, I was able to plan their stay and organise activities for them.

How does the combination of study and practice help you to develop personally and professionally?
By working in different departments, you get to know the most varied areas of the company. This helps me to figure out what I would most like to do in my future career.

If you were an instructor at your university for a day, what subject would you teach the students?
I would teach Intercultural Management because I have a foreign background myself and have also lived abroad and I would enjoy bringing other cultures closer to other people.

If you could go back in time, what tip would you give yourself as a young work-study student?
I would tell myself to always be open to criticism because people are only trying to help.

What would you tell future applicants?
I wholeheartedly recommend that you start learning early! (laughs)