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Almost anyone who has ever visited a dentist has already been treated with products from DÜRR DENTAL. This company has been a reliable partner of dental practitioners for more than 80 years. DÜRR DENTAL SE was founded in 1941 by the brothers Karl and Wilhelm Dürr from Gechingen in the Black Forest. The precision workshops were set up in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. The headquarters of the German company are now located in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Here, around 480 employees are engaged in production, research and development as well as sales and marketing. The internationally active DÜRR DENTAL Group currently has around 1300 employees throughout the world and enjoyed a turnover of more than €360 million euros with customers in 174 countries in 2022.


Martin Dürrstein, CEO of DÜRR DENTAL SE

"I am pleased to be able to look back on more than 80 years of a successful company history and I am looking forward to the future with confidence", says Martin Dürrstein, CEO of DÜRR DENTAL SE. The name of "DÜRR DENTAL" has epitomised progress and innovation in dental medicine for decades. Many standards in modern dental practices and dental laboratories are attributable to the company's developments.



System solution provider – DÜRR DENTAL SE

Today, dentists around the world are pleased to trust in the engineering designs of DÜRR DENTAL. The company offers numerous system solutions in the fields of Practice Supply, Suction, Diagnostic Systems, dental care and Hygiene. "With its developments, DÜRR DENTAL is setting standards for quality and innovation. We have the right solution for all requirements", stresses Martin Dürrstein. To ensure the highest possible level of quality, the company carries out virtually all production at its business location of Germany.


Dürr Dental History

Milestones in our history

For 80 years, DÜRR DENTAL has been a reliable partner for dentists worldwide. Here you can experience the milestones from our history. From the beginnings in 1941 until today.


The First Generation

Wilhelm Dürr (*1907- †1995)

Wilhelm Dürr (*1907- †1995) completed an apprenticeship as a precision engineer at Zeiss Ikon before graduating as an engineer from the Staatlich Württembergischen Höheren Maschinenbauschule in Esslingen in Germany. He then went on to work for Bosch, Märklin Göppingen and Fleischmann in Dresden before moving to Stuttgart and returning to Bosch. Finally, on 1 November 1941, he and his brother founded their own workshop. He has been awarded a number of patents for his inventions.


Karl Dürr (*1905 - †1989)

Karl Dürr (*1905 - †1989) carried out an apprenticeship as a mechanic with the textile machinery manufacturer Union when he was 14 years old. In 1930, he began working for Bleyle, where he became the deputy manager, before moving to Mann+Hummel in Ludwigsburg in 1941. In the same year, on 1 November 1941, he and his brother founded their own workshop. His primary focus was to grow the young company.



Personnel development


The Second Generation

Rudolf Dürrstein (*1936)

Rudolf Dürrstein (*1936) completed training as a mechanic and a degree in mechanical engineering in Esslingen before being taken on by IBM as a qualified engineer. In 1963, he was asked by his father-in-law, Karl Dürr, to join Gechinger Motoren Dürr – now Dürr Optronik – as a manager. He was appointed managing director of Dürr Dental GmbH & Co KG in 1970. On 31 December 2003, Rudolf Dürrstein stepped down from his position as managing director of Dürr Dental and handed over responsibility to his son, Martin Dürrstein. Rudolf Dürrstein managed Dürr Optronik until early 2006 when he handed the company over to his son, Peter Dürrstein.


Walter Dürr (*1939)

Walter Dürr (*1939) began working for the company in 1963, after graduating as an engineer, at his father Wilhelm's request. Alongside working at Dürr Dental, in 1965 he founded the company Orochemie together with Ludwig Pflug. In 1970, he became managing director of Dürr Dental GmbH & Co KG. He was also the first Chairman of the Board at the VDDI (Association of German Dental Manufacturers) for a number of years. He was the first Chairman of the Supervisory Board for Dürr Dental AG from 2008 to June 2012.


Logo Development


Number of international subsidiaries


Social Commitment

Responsibility for the society

Social responsibility is a particular concern for Dürr Dental. We are actively involved in the field of health with material and financial donations. The commitment of Dürr Dental is mainly focused on Mercy Ships e.V. and the promotion and sponsoring of local sports clubs.



Bietigheim-Bissingen Steelers

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For decades, we have stood for innovation and quality.


Social responsibility

Social responsibility is a special concern for DÜRR DENTAL.


Milestones of our history

Experience the milestones of our history here. From 1941 until today.