Exhaust air virus-bacteria filter for suction systems

It is possible that the exhaust air from the suction unit may be microbially contaminated. It is therefore recommended to direct the exhaust air from the suction unit outside the building via an exhaust air virus-bacteria filter. Protect your patients and yourself by keeping the ambient air clean.


Exhaust air virus-bacteria filter

Exhaust air virus-bacteria filter for VS 250 S, V/VS/VSA 300 S, Variosuc and PTS 120. Replace the filter 1x per year.

Exhaust air virus-bacteria filter

Exhaust air virus-bacteria filter for V/VS 600 – V/VS 1200 S, V 2400, Tyscor V/VS, PTS 200 and clinic suction systems V 6000, V 9000, V 12000, V 15000 and V 18000, replace filter every 1–2 years.

Quality seal

The filtration efficiency of the exhaust air virus-bacteria filters has been tested by Università di Camerino. Tests performed using Staphylococcus aureus ATCC recorded a retention rate of >99.999%. A retention rate of >99.99% was recorded with virus PhiX174 (25–30 nm in size).

HEPA H14 filter quality in line with EN 1822-1:2019-10/ ISO 45H according to ISO 29463-1:2017

Disposable filter for suction systems

For Comfort, Economy and Selective manifolds. Available as package of 12 or 36 units

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