Compressed air

Clinic systems – cutting-edge dental compressed air

Technological edge for dental clinics and universities

Clinics need a reliable and steady supply of compressed air and suction – without any compromises. Maximum performance with reliable reserves is essential here. In addition to high-performance suction units, DÜRR DENTAL also offers central compressed air stations with refrigerant type dryer and cyclone separator for up to 130 workplaces per station in clinical settings. The operator benefits from a number of cost advantages and synergy effects resulting from the combined set-up of the coordinated compressed air and suction systems.

Our features for your peak performance

This is what matters
First-class compressed air quality

Supply of dry and hygienic air, flavourless and odourless, for continuous operation

Continuous operation

High-quality piston technology for high reliability during continuous operation


Automatic closing and shutting-off of compressors according to the compressed air demand

Maximum operational safety

If a compressor fails, the next one automatically takes over for it

Clinic Solutions

Choose a successful partner for your project today

Are you looking for an experienced partner who is an expert on the special challenges posed by dental clinic projects? As a leading manufacturer we provide solutions for large practices as well as for dental clinics and universities with several hundred treatment and simulation workstations.


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