Area Sales Manager

Interview with Elina Landa

Professionals: Spotlight on Area Sales Managers

What do you work as at DÜRR DENTAL?
I’m an Area Sales Manager for the regions of Eastern & Southeastern Europe, CIS, Baltics.

What motivated you to apply for a position in our company?
I chose DÜRR DENTAL because it is family-run, manufactures outstanding products, has an excellent image and offers me numerous opportunities for further development.

What is your favourite thing about DÜRR DENTAL?
Appreciation of our employees is a central component of our company culture. This creates a very pleasant working atmosphere, in which all employees feel comfortable and can give their best.

What does a typical working day look like?
Very diverse, there’s no ONE typical working day. There can be meetings, operational tasks, overseas travel, client meetings, trade fairs, events, etc. Every day is different.

Can you tell us about a project or a challenge that you have successfully tackled in the company?
In my role as a manager of an international team, it’s my job to ensure that, through my decisions and support, my team members in different countries can successfully overcome any challenges they face.

The most exciting part of my job is watching my team members overcome challenges and succeed in the world of dentistry. It’s a pleasure to be part of their success and accompany them on their journey.

Elina Landa

Area Sales Manager

Are there certain values or principles that you follow in the company that contribute to your success?
As a manager, I endeavour to treat people with respect and as equals. It’s important to me to be professional, to take responsibility and be a role model for my employees. I attach great importance to trust and avoid micromanaging.

What is the funniest or most memorable situation you’ve experienced during your time at the company?
We recently had a team event at DÜRR DENTAL with the whole team for the first time since I've been here, which wasn't possible until now due to Covid. It was a wonderful time that brought us even closer together as a team and I will certainly never forget it.

If you had to express yourself in an emoji, which one would you choose for your current job?

Is there a career lesson you wish you had learnt earlier?
Not really, every lesson in the course of my professional life has been important and so far every one of them has come at the right time.

What advice would you give to younger colleagues who are just starting out in the industry?
Trust yourself to make decisions and learn to take responsibility for them.