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Lunos® Prophy Powders – strong but gentle

Lunos® Prophy Powders Gentle Clean and Perio Combi

With the Lunos® Prophy Powder Gentle Clean and Perio Combi, the first priority is the protection of sensitive dental substance with simultaneous effective cleaning. They display an extremely low abrasive effect on tooth enamel and dentine and can therefore be used as part of regular recall treatments. The innovative abrasive agent trehalose is incredibly water-soluble, which improves patient comfort and protects the suction unit.


Innovative abrasive agent trehalose

Trehalose is a disaccharide that is incredibly water-soluble. It tastes pleasingly sweet yet is not cariogenic. It leaves no powder residues in the patient‘s mouth and protects the oral mucosa. And on top of all that, it even protects the suction unit.


Ergonomic bottle with a single-hand flip-spout cap enables the powder containers to be filled without creating much dust.


Fast replacement: powder chambers with tray

The safe valve closure allows the containers to be filled in advance. In the process, the clever storage trays enable flexible filling and storage. The containers are available in four different colours, each of which matches one of the four types of Lunos® Prophy Powder.


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