VistaScan Nano Easy – Smart, compact and reliable

Reliable diagnostics in a compact unit

VistaScan Nano Easy makes diagnostics even simpler. The unit is particularly easy to operate and only takes up a very small amount of space in the treatment room. Take advantage of DÜRR DENTAL image plate technology in its most compact form for state-of-the-art and reliable diagnostics.



High image quality – perfect presentation

VistaScan Nano Easy delivers significantly sharper images than X-ray film. Caries D1 lesions and endo instruments up to ISO 06 are reliably shown on the images.


Intuitive operation

VistaScan Nano Easy is extremely simple to work with. The scanning of an image plate as well as the erasing as a preparation step for the next acquisition can be done in one step. Fast image availability in the direct vicinity of the patient is also provided.


Key intraoral formats

The VistaScan Nano Easy unit can be used to digitize VistaScan Image Plates IQ in the sizes 0, 1 and 2. In addition, 100% active surface area and a wide dynamic spectrum are available. Handling of image plates is as easy as analogue film.


Quick and easy integration

VistaScan Nano Easy can be operated with the DÜRR DENTAL Imaging software or with third-party software via plugins or TWAIN drivers. It can be smoothly and easily integrated into your surgery workflow via the surgery network.


Key Facts

Ideal, very quiet chairside unit


Very high image quality




Key intraoral formats: 0, 1 and 2

Image plate technology

Image plate – the medium for all formats

The development of the VistaScan has allowed the advantages of the image plate technology such as exposure time, high grey scale range, high local resolution and low radiation dose to be fully exploited and makes this technology even more attractive compared to other sensor technologies.


Complete your system

Image plate

Image plate – the medium for all formats. Cost-effective and eco-friendly.


VistaPosition PSP

The new parallel holder system from DÜRR DENTAL


Disinfect with FD 350

The FD 350 disinfectant wipes are ideal and economical for small surfaces of objects.


Image plate cleaning wipe

The VistaScan image plate cleaning wipes can be used to clean the image plates.


Light Protection Covers

Very high light resistance for excellent image quality.