Amalgam separator – top quality for dental suction units

No amalgam into the waste water

The process that starts with the separation unit is completed by the amalgam separator. By law, amalgam must be filtered out of the waste water produced by the treatment unit, separated and collected. As a pioneer and premium manufacturer in dental suction systems, DÜRR DENTAL has been working on the development of high-performance amalgam separators since the start of the 1980s. It goes without saying that all of our systems bear the quality promise "Made in Germany". They also meet the requirements defined for the whole of Europe in ISO standard 11143:2008. Discover the amalgam separators by DÜRR DENTAL – The best. By design.

The CA 1 amalgam separator: The external solution

The CA 1 amalgam separator with self-cleaning centrifuge in its practical housing is the ideal solution to equip an individual treatment chair with an amalgam separator. The unit is also suitable for the retrofitting of a single-station suction unit with integrated separation (the DÜRR DENTAL VS 300 S, for example).

Technical data

CA 1 Amalgam separator

The CA 2 amalgam separator: The solution for 2 operators

The CA 2 amalgam separator is supplied with a pressure equalisation tank installed ex-works. This minimises installation time on delivery. Together with the VS 600 suction unit or the new Tyscor VS 2, this makes the CA 2 the ideal solution for 2 therapists.

Technical data

CA 2 Amalgam separator

The CA 4 amalgam separator: The universal solution

An attractive design, excellent performance and a convenient disposal concept make the CA 4 amalgam separator from DÜRR DENTAL a system unit that impresses from every angle. Ideally equipped for the connection of multiple treatment units, the unit delivers advanced technology at the very cutting edge of technology. The CA 4 operates in accordance with the centrifugal principle with hydrodynamic self cleaning. The system switches on automatically as soon as waste water from the treatment unit starts to collect. A visual display provides information on the current operating condition at all times.

Technical data

CA 4 Amalgam separator

Disposal made easy!

If the amalgam container reaches a fill level of 95%, the practice, the specialist trade and the disposal company receive an automated notification. In this way, trade & disposal companies are informed about the due disposal or subsequent delivery and can contact the practice for further processing.

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This is what matters

Centrifugal separator with hydrodynamic self-cleaning function. Takes work off the dental staff.


Separation rate of > 95% Quality made in Germany.


The Electronic fill level monitoring makes operating the amalgam separators safe.


More than 20 years of experience in the development of amalgam separators. Rely on the leading manufacturer in the dental market.

Perfect combination

Suction and separation – VSA 300 S

With its VSA technology, Dürr Dental combines the suction unit, separation and amalgam separation components in a single assembly on one drive shaft and in the smallest possible space – in the VSA 300 S.


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